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Update and Inside Look


For those who haven't read on the gaming boards yet, Frog God Games is working on creating our own world to tie together our products. While you can certainly still run them as is in your own campaign, they will also canonically be within the same FGG campaign world, The Lost Lands. In all of our feature books (and even our little ones) we are trying to release dribs and drabs of the FGG world setting, and Razor Coast is no exception. A close reading will reveal tantalizing clues about the setting that will all fit together when the setting comes out. An important part of this world is now the Razor Coast. We have listed a lot more information below about this product. On top of that, we have a new series that will be coming out in late 2013 by Richard Pett called The Blight. More on this in future issues of the Rana Reader.

Greg Vaughan writes "In fact, after Razor Coast and The Blight, the only big piece of the puzzle left before the campaign setting itself will be Sword of Air, which will reveal A LOT of the campaign world. The forthcoming FGG world will comprehensively include Razor Coast, The Blight, Rappan Athuk, Sword of Air, and Slumbering Tsar in one contiguous, consistent setting. (plus Ebon The Haunted Hills of Harrowfar...). Plus don't forget the Splinters of Faith, Northlands Saga, and all the One Night Stand and Saturday Night Special adventures plus EVERYTHING EVER PREVIOUSLY RELEASED BY NECROMANCER GAMES (Except the Judge's Guild stuff. We do not have the rights to that and the Wilderlands is its own setting anyway. Also Hex Crawls Chronicles falls essentially into it's own world by John Stater. This however will fall within the same universe and have ties to his Land of Nod.)"

To tie this important piece into the upcoming world we knew it was important to get you as much information as possible.


A sea of blood caresses the savage shore of the Razor. Rising from the abyssal depths, Harthagoa, the bastard spawn of a She-Kraken and Demogorgon drags whole fleets beneath the waves.

In the fetid Blacksink Marsh, unspeakable horrors lurk beneath the bog water, accursed cannibals pay gory obeisance to an ancient shark god of slaughter - begging its return.

A ghostly armada, murderous pirates, and balesharks prowl the waves - all threaten Port Shaw, the only bastion of "civilization" on the Razor. The city hosts foreign invaders chasing baleen, ambergris, and gold. They menace the native Tulita tribes and drive them from their ancestral home with smoke-belching cannonade.

Pele, The Goddess of Fire and Wrack, watches from her smoldering throne on Dreadsmoke Mountain. She stands ever ready to purge the people of Port Shaw from her domain in a torrent of ash and molten lava.


The Razor Coast 350+ page swashbuckling mega-campaign sails you into a fantastical, pirate packed Hawaii that never was and takes your characters from 5th to 12th level. A complete campaign in one book that puts players firmly in the driver’s seat, Razor Coast contains:

Over 250 unique creatures to meet or fight, 13 major NPCs with their own schemes and agendas, nearly 70 stand-alone encounters, 25 mini-adventures (including 5 ocean or island, 2 swamp, 6 urban, 7 subterranean, 1 shipboard, and 4 underwater), 2 campaign-sized plot arcs and over 30 subplots, 2 climactic mega-battles, new player options, new gods, over 100 original pieces of full-color art and cartography, printed in the USA to hand-stitched textbook manufacturer’s specifications. Made to last!

Not to mention a host of expansion material if we fund, including:

Heart of the Razor
4 full-length adventures by Richard Pett, Owen K.C. Stephens, Tom Knauss, and Gary McBride

Fire As She Bears
Design your own ships from the hull out and fight Age of Sail combats like you've never seen before

So check out Razor Coast, the sandbox campaign setting and adventure path, created by Nicolas Logue. Written by Nicolas Logue, Tim Hitchcock, and Lou Agresta with contributions from Adam Daigle, John Ling, Richard Pett, Greg A. Vaughan, and more. Brought to you on Kickstarter by Frog God Games, for the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game and Swords & Wizardry. Don't miss the chance to support this project!


Rule the Razor you say? A fool’s ambition. The subtleties and perils of this realm are manifold. Land and sea murder at the whim of ancient gods. Men’s smiles hide a thousand knives. Those fooled into believing that the Kraken’s tentacles are more fearsome than its insidious and far-reaching schemes soon find themselves cruelly enlightened – usually moments before calamity claims their souls. The Razor is too vast, its terrors too multitudinous, for even the bravest adventurer to conquer. It won’t stop them from trying though, and that means good business for me. I thank the gods daily for sending so many fools into this world.
     - Saldrin Seaheart, Port Shaw purveyor of “adventuring supplies”

Port Shaw, a city built to exploit the riches of the Razor. Where Tropical storms sweep down on a moment’s notice; earthquakes strike with no warning; volcanoes smoke and bleed stone, always on the edge of eruption. Where tidal waves tidal waves suck whole villages out to sea – every other day. Those hardy enough to survive, reap a bounty filled with natural treasures, rich food, and all the trappings of paradise.

Yet the beacon of paradise, by its nature, draws rapacity to its shores. Men and women with conquest in their merciless hearts, freebooters who slaughter the innocent for gain, and inscrutable sea monsters all flock to Port Shaw to make their fortune or hunt their prey. This is no place for a soul unskilled with blade or spell, and only the most hardened adventurers make their livelihood from a city few expect to last a decade.

Born when demon bred with kraken, Harthagoa the Krakenfiend united the sahuagin hordes, obliterated the Eternal Empire of the Malenti, gobbled the might of the Locathah until only a small, embattled kingdom remains and slapped down with barbed tentacles every gang of jumped-up “heroes” that ever swung a cutlass or tossed a spell in his direction. Every last band of adventurers – from the least to the greatest – that thought they could take him, he took to a watery grave.

No one doubts he’s coming for Port Shaw, one day, with any army of the foulest fish-thing and every seaweed-slimed monstrosity to ever crawl the ocean depths at his command. The only question is when?

And to think – you only just arrived.

The newcomers brought strange ships: merchant cogs and three-masted frigates, giant dromons and slave barges from the far off hell of Carcass, trawlers and whalers.

Death followed in their wake. Death and misery. The newcomers violated hospitality, destroyed sacred lands, slew Dolphin in their nets and butchered Whale, spreading a red stain across the Razor Sea. Whole tribes they sold into wretchedness in their pox-ridden slave markets. Whale-silence and seas of blood mean only one thing to the Tulita.

The Time of the Shark is at hand.

With Turtle, Dolphin, and Whale weakened, The Hunger That Swims cuts through the depths toward shore once more. After centuries absence, His Chosen stalks, preceding the Hunger God’s return. Yet only a rash of mysterious shark attacks to the Chosen of Dajobas’ hunting among us. What horrors shall you find, tracking this herald of the Shark God to the cold sea caverns and submerged tunnels of his lair? To the salt-rusted cages of still living victims? What secrets of the Shark God shall you learn?

  • Hunt the legendary – some say mythical – treasure of Garr Bloodbane, Bane of the Razor across islands infested with undead cannibal pygmies and worse!
  • Barter with island witches to buy the souls of legendary sea-captains
  • Seek the arcane secrets of the long-vanished Necromancer King, Tarath-Vreen, deep within the sea-washed sewers of Port Shaw
  • Save shipwrecked sailors from the ferocious Children of Omargwato, degenerate Cyclopes barbarians descended from an ancient civilization steeped in cruelty
  • Unravel the mystery surrounding the death of the great Jacob Razor, then join his hell-bent widow Captain Bethany Razor on her quest for righteous vengeance
  • Design your own Man of War from the bottom up: every cannon, every bit of magic. Hire crew, train, and pit them cannon to cannon, cutlass, spell and ramming speed against any ship that sails the Razor Sea
  • Train with the greatest assassin who ever lived, befriend the mightiest pirate lord alive, join or challenge the most insidious crime syndicate this side of the ocean
  • Lead a revolution of the oppressed, or build a private empire with the backbone and broadsides to challenge all comers


Here are the details on two of our more popular pledge levels.

$150 1st Mate
Razor Coast Mega-Campaign (for Pathfinder or S&W)
350+ page, full-color, signed & numbered hardcover, PLUS PDF1
Razor Coast Player's Guide (for Pathfinder or S&W)
64 pages of new races, new spells, new magic items, new feats, new archetypes, and more, PLUS PDF!
Deadman's Chest, PDF (3.5 edition)
A 200 page treasury of nautical lore, with over 100 new magic items, monsters, spells and more

$250 Swashbuckler
Razor Coast Mega-Campaign (for Pathfinder or S&W)
350+ page, full-color, signed & numbered hardcover, PLUS PDF1
Razor Coast Player's Guide (for Pathfinder or S&W)
64 pages of new races, new spells, new magic items, new feats, new archetypes, and more, PLUS PDF!
• Deadman's Chest, PDF (3.5 edition)
A 200 page treasury of nautical lore, with over 100 new magic items, monsters, spells and more
• Unique Pad of 25 Razor Coast Character Sheets
for Pathfinder or S&W, designed exclusively for Razor Coast
• Call of the Frog God Exclusive Bonus Module
by Casey Christofferson (for Pathfinder or S&W)
Chase the wealth of a sunken treasure-ship into the belly of a mad whale! 32+ page, full color
• Original Mini of the Widow Razor by Reaper
Captain Bethany Razor, hell-bent for vengeance



  1. For Lost Lands...

    Will it include Splinters of the Faith, and Fane of the Fallen?

    1. yes! the newest info can be found in the Rana Reader here:

    2. The Rana Reader issue was why I asked, and this was the only place I could find that actually let me ask questions :-}

      I was just trying to double check that the products I had bought were being included :-)

      Is there going to be a kickstarter for the larger world? if so, when?

    3. We are planning the world to come out after Sword of Air. Sword of air should be available in 2014 and then after that the world campaign will be released. Using KS is up in the air at this point. As we know more we will update everyone :)


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