Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Razor Coast Sneak Peek #6

Dajobas, Devourer of Worlds In the beginning, there was Hunger and the World could not abide. Hunger ate the Land, drank the Sea, devoured all Things before they could Become. Even Nothing was afraid Hunger would eat it too, and the Gods agreed something must be done. So they locked Hunger in a cage of flesh and fin they called Dajobas, but Hunger ripped free. Tore open a terrible maw in his cage, and framed it with rows of razored teeth. Hunger could not be controlled, and he turned on those who imprisoned him. He ate the Gods, but even as he did they worked their will. The World was born while Dajobas feasted on their divinity. When he finished, Dajobas found Land and Sea and All Things grew faster than He could eat them. Dajobas devours the World for all eternity. He will not stop, cannot stop, until he swallows Time itself.

* * * 

Sharks prowl the sea. Perfect hunters who do not sleep and never cease to feed - no creature’s killer instinct compares. They scent their prey miles away. They know the taste of blood before they are born. Their teeth shear flesh, strip muscle, and crush bone. To the native Tulita tribes of the Razor Coast, these murderous beasts are not just the killers of the sea. They are a constant reminder of their people’s darkest hour.

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