Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011

Updates this week include the following:
  • Black Monastery goes on sale this week and is at the printer. This book is a hardcover, stitch-bound adventure that will take you back to the days of old. Written originally by my first dungeon master back in the 1970s, this one combines old-school sandbox dungeon crawl with modern style and format and is sure to satisfy. The book is hard bound and will remind you of the format of the 1st edition PHB. It also contains a 6 panel, fold-out map of the monastery for ease of reading those hundreds of small room numbers. Retail price will be $33.99, and the book will ship in early February 2012. PDFs will be priced at $15.99.
  • Tsar 11 has been held up at the printer again…(sorry folks), and is shipping today to me.  I apologize for the inconvenience and delays, but I wanted to make sure the module was spot on quality that you expect from us.
  • Tsar 12 went to layout this morning (thanks to Chuck, who pulled another all-nighter to get monastery done and to the printer this morning!).
  • Northland Saga 3 is at the printer—look for an early January release!
  • Quantities of our early modules are getting very, very low. I will not reprint these guys, so if you ever want a copy of Strange Bedfellows, Ursined, Demonheart, Eamonvale or Splinters of Faith, now is the time. Tsar individual modules are down to
  • Toad is selling well, and reviews are excellent. TOH is still available in limited quantities in both SW and Pathfinder formats.
  • Tsar 13 is in editing, and we expect the whole to be done by end March 2012 and off to the printer.  Paizo will have copies of the first edition book (with the bonus chapter, which will NOT be available as a pdf)), but ONLY direct sale copies will be signed by myself and Greg and numbered. Sales of the limited edition copies will be concluded two weeks after I get the last chapter!
  • Remember, the Frogs are out of the country visiting their poison arrow cousins in Central America from Feb 10 to March 11—so no books will ship during these times!
  • My aforementioned Ebay articles have not been listed yet—though they will be soon!
  • Tsar shipping will be figured out soon. You will need to pay for shipping before I ship to you in May. It’s looking like priority mail is the best option (flat rate). Overseas folks can fit 2 copies in a box, or can fit several other books into the box as well. I am going to have to use large priority mail boxes I think—it “might” fit in a medium, but I am concerned about compression damage in that size container. More detail on this coming soon to all subscribers.

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