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March 2011

March 28, 2011
Harcovers have been shipping out the past few days, and the new releases should ship this week (Madaro Shanti, etc.). I have mailed about 100 boxes in the last 4 days, so bear with me, its a slow process, but our Shipping and Receiving Dept (me) is working hard. I am alomst done with edits on three new books (Hollow Mountain, Castle Baldemor and Splinters 6) which should head off to the printer in 2 weeks or so. Hex crawls 1-2 will go about the same time...you guys are gonna like Hex Crawls.

March 15, 2011
Its the Ides of March, Hail Caeser! Several bits of news today; Matt has shipped me the limited edition hardcovers, which means I'll be firing up my signing pen and mailing them to you guys! I shipped out the flawed hardcovers today, only a few left...and the new books have been printed (Northland 1, ONS-Madaro Shanti, Splinters 5) and are shiping to me (and then to you) very soon. Tsar 8 is in printing, and I am final editing Hex Crawls 1. Hex Crawls is even better than I remembered when I read the draft. Next up are a couple short modules (One Night Stands and Sat Nite's), the Ultimate Book of Adventure Design, and another Hex Crawl (2) and finally Tsar 9...whew. We are getting extremely low on several modules (Ursined, Splinters 1-2, and Tsar 1-3), so if you want them, get them before they are gone. Same goes for the SW legacy products, there are very few copies left of these as well (

March 10, 2011
Tome buttons all fixed, you may now select SW pr Pathfinder versions!

March 8, 2011
Hello Friends of the Frog God!
This is to let you know that a new chapter has been released for the Slumbering Tsar Saga. Subscribers can download their new chapter at:
Your user name is your email address that you ordered the book from, and your password is…well, secret. If you have lost your initial email from us, the password recovery utility can be used. Failing that, you can contact tech support at support@bytesinteractive.com.
Your files are in the Ezine folder.
New installments of One Night Stands and Splinters of Faith are uploaded and ready to go. Pre-orders for Tome of Horrors will also start this week.
Buttons should be up by Wednesday on the website!
March 6, 2011

Frog God Games is pleased to announce a number of updates for March. First, I want to let all of you patient patrons to know that the Swords and Wizardry hardcovers have shipped from the printer to Matt for signing, and that they will be to you in under three weeks. Thank you again for your patience, but we wanted top ensure that the book you received was of high quality and without flaw. These books have a matte finish, similar to the old 1st Edition D&D books. They are beautiful, and I hope you all judge that it was worth the wait.

On that note, I was able to obtain a limited quantity of flawed hardcovers (slight warp in the cover stock), and will be offering them at a steep discount ($20) to those of you who want a play copy of the hardcover rules. These books are really nice, but do have a slight outward pull on the covers, resulting in me rejecting them as our limited edition release. They are otherwise in perfect condition. Honestly, most companies would have just sold them as the limiteds, but we chose not to. These books have a high gloss finish to distinguish them from the limited editions.

I have completed price analysis and obtained printing quotes of Tome of Horrors Complete and am able to price the pre-order books at $89.99 and will end June 1, 2011. Non-pre-orders will be $99.99. This huge volume will encompass all three of the Necromancer Games Tome of Horrors books into one giant “Necronomican-like” Tome. It can be used as a weapon against players of all levels, either as an in-game tool or as a bludgeon (it will weigh several pounds). Page count is estimated at over 1000, and the book will be cloth stitch (Smythe) bound for durability. No other monster book ever produced has the “Thud factor” of this tome. Release date is estimated as August 1, 2011.

Other major releases this week include:

The Northland Saga
This series of adventures takes place in the frozen north, where men are men, beer is ale and monsters are, well, scary. Who has not loved the setting of the 13th Warrior or wished to relive the Frost Giant’s Daughter by R.E. Howard? Heroes will fight evil in the cold lands, sail the treacherous ice filled seas where sea monsters swallow ships and crews and feast in fire-lit halls with Vikings! Planned as a series of 10 modules, this series will begin in January (appropriately, due to the cold). More information will be added as it becomes available.  Written by Ken Spencer, this series is sure to send shivers up even the bravest adventurer’s spine! It all begins this week with Part 1 –
Vengeance of the Long Serpent

Pull on your hauberk, ready your shield, and take up your axe, the tide is moving
out and it is time to set sail on a voyage of adventure. In Vengeance of the Long
Serpent the heroes sail north into a land of murder, savagery, and madness to face a reawakened dark god and his deadly cult.

One Night Stands
Remember when the world was a sandbox and you just inserted modules into your campaign whenever and wherever you wanted to? Remember when companies like Judges Guild and TSR produced short stand alone modules, not tied to any setting or campaign? Remember when the cost 5 bucks (ok we can’t do print books for 5 bucks anymore , but we can do that for the pdfs)? Remember when you directed the action independent of what the “world” rules said was there? We do, and in response we decided to fill the gap with our One Night Stands and Saturday Night Specials series.

These modules are designed to be played over the course of 1-2 nights. Each is a sandbox style short adventure (One Night Stands) or a short dungeon crawl (Saturday Night Specials). This series begins this week with the first one Night Stands Release –

The Jungle Ruins of Madaro-Shanti

Another of the One Night Stand Series, Jungle Ruins of Madaro-Shanti is an adventure for a party of 4-8 characters of fourth through seventh level. A century ago or more, when the town of Cholagadi was just a frontier fort on the coast, Madaro-Shanti was the most powerful city-state in the entire Ambicuaria Jungle.  Its citizens were highly advanced in the arts of magic, and even retained some vestiges of magical quasi-technologies perhaps more ancient than humankind itself.  Their prosperity made for jealous enemies, none more covetous than the powerful and sorcerous Kiengaa Tribe of the deep jungles.  The Kiengaa plotted against Madaro-Shanti, making dark pacts with the monstrous ape-centaurs known as the Borsin, and with the monkey-faced, snake-like monsters known as the Hanu-Naga.  Once this terrible, unnatural army was gathered, the Kiengaa and their allies laid siege to Madaro-Shanti itself.

As the walls of Madaro-Shanti fell, and the invaders swarmed into the city, the high priest of the city closed himself within the royal shrine, praying to all the gods for intervention. Yet none of the gods answered his prayers until the last – and that was Ojala, whom the people of Madaro-Shanti knew as a god of evil and treachery.  A deadly bargain was struck that night, and true to his promise, Ojala caused a horrible wasting disease to strike the besieging army.  But the full extent of the evil god’s treachery became clear when the surviving people of Madaro-Shanti themselves began to succumb to the same disease which had slain their enemies.  Within a fortnight, all the people of Madaro-Shanti had either died of the plague or scattered into the depths of the predator-filled jungle.

In only a few years, the city was overgrown by the jungle and fell into ruin, but the magical disease was to have one final consequence. Not only did the contagion affect the Kiengaa and the Madaro-Shanti – it also infected the mind of a powerful nature-spirit that inhabited the surrounding jungles. The nature-spirit Cho-Odaa, driven mad by the disease and hungry for vengeance against all humankind, has discovered the means to exact a terrible reckoning.

Once again, I told you….DON’T GO DOWN THE WELL!

Our next release this week is the 5th installment of our Splinters of Faith series.

Splinters of Faith 5: Eclipse of the Hearth (Levels 5 through 7)

The pyramid Seraph, once a holy temple, now lies under the sway of darkness. Breaking into the temple is hard enough, but braving the sinister twists awaiting in the dark catacombs will test the strongest PCs. This one features some difficult puzzles, and is sure to test the brains of your players. The foolish will be dead, and the wise shall be richly rewarded!

Sell buttons etc. will all be up soon. The series books will ship in about 7 days. Next up and coming in early April will be Hex Crawl Classics Book 1- Valley of the Hawks, Splinters of Faith 6, Saturday Night Specials Castle Baldemor and Hollow Mountain, and last but not least the 9th installment of Slumbering Tsar!

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