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June 2011

June 25, 2011
Time is running out on Tome orders! I will extend the order period through July 4 (I am not sending to the printer on the holiday), but that is all.

June 23, 2011
Talked with the printer yesterday, and Splinters 7-8 will be here next week. I expect several bnooks to arrive in the next 10 days, and apologize for shipping delays, but its coming soon.

In other news, most of you will notice that I have put up hundreds of books from my personal stash of Necromancer Games books. All of these are in limited supply, and will NEVER be reprinted in their original form. Not everything is available (Rappan Athuk 3, Tome 1 and Abysthor), but most are available below MSRP. The rares (like Reloaded, Judges Guild, and a few others) are set at market price (well above MSRP). This is probably the last stash of old NG books in the world (I bought out the remainder of the warehouses), so buy up, when they are gone they are gone!

June 14, 2011
Splinters 7 and 8 got lost in the printer process, and are going to be delayed a bit. Don't panic, its all set now, just a week or two delay.

MOST IMPORTANT!!! Tome of Horrors Complete is only for sale for 16 more days. I will only print this monster once, so order now, to get this tremendous piece of RPG history. This will be the LARGEST monster book ever made to date, weighing in at over 800 pages, and once its gone, its gone. I am pretty sure you could resell it on Ebay in 2 years for much more than it costs (not that you would want to), but since I have to arange printing, I am cutting it off as soon as it goes to press (estimated as the first week in July), and I am not printing extras. To reiterate:

Never before have all three volumes been updated to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game in their entirety and released as a single, hardbound tome. Monsters from the aberrant to the yellow musk zombie appear in this book, and everything in between—that’s over 700 monsters. But that’s not all; the appendices bring just as much to the table from templates to hazards to a treatise on poison variations in nearly 50 types of venomous snakes. There are also new feats, planes of existence, strange beings beyond mortal ken, and plenty of charts dividing the compiled monsters by CR, type, and terrain.

But it’s more than just that, because the entire compilation has also been updated to the Swords & Wizardry rules for release as another version of the volume. And in this version, the space freed up by the smaller stat blocks is filled by sample monster lairs and encounters with the hundreds of different monster types featured in the tome. Never before has this massive selection of monsters been updated and brought with these resources all together in one place for use in your own game. And before any Pathfinder players cry foul over the monster lair additions in the Swords & Wizardry version of The Tome of Horrors Complete, this lair information will be available as a free download at the Frog God Games website for you to use as well.

So you’ve got the monsters—both from the original edition of the game and new,—the templates, the multiple appendices on rules, planes, and the n’gathau, and a truckload of sample encounters and lairs to throw at your players, all together in one easy-to-use book. That’s why we call it The Tome of Horrors Complete!

The Tome of Horrors Complete sample lairs will be included in the Swords and Wizardry volume and as a free download for the Pathfinder volume! This will be comprised of hex-style lairs by a writing team led by John Stater!

Order now at
June 12, 2011

Got home late last night from PaizoCon, after a great weekend. Special thanks to the Reaper Miniatures folks, who not only taught my 6-year old to paint, but helped him paint 15 miniatures over a 14 hour period. I kept trying to take him back, but they insisted on keeping him. We had a great time running SW games all weekend, and a number of the staff played some Pathfinder as well. Lisa and Erik were gracious hosts as always, they are a total class act, and we all owe them a lot for keeping "real D&D" alive. I got to hang out some with Clark Peterson as well, it wqas great to see my old buddy, and I'll be plugging his stuff soon (you know it will be good).

I was able to pack up everything I could tonite and will ship tomorow. Those of you who ordered Splinters 7-9 will have to wait a bit longer, as the books are still at press. Rest assured I will ship them as soon as they arrive. Two cons in 10 days has me fried, but I am recovering well, and should feel healthy as a horse in no time flat.

June 7, 2011
Just got back from Dallas after a very successful North Texas RPG Con. Doug Rhea and the boyz should be congratulated on one of the best cons I have ever attended. Matt and I got to play all weekend with the likes of Dennis Sustare, Erol Otus and many other celebrities. Lots of you guys were there too, and the Mythus Tower room was rockin' with people all weekend. I am a litle behind on shipping again, but will try to get everything out this Friday that was ordered while I was away. Special thanks to Jon Hershberger and Alan Grohe for helping us out selling books at the show (BlackBlade), and to all the folks who put the Con together. We will be back for sure. If you ever want to hit a Con where old school gamers just play all day and night for 4 days, this is your show. We even had a few younger folks to complement the grognard patrol, including one very special little 11 year old girl who handled herself quite well (we had to cut off her doughnut supply to avoid the sugar high though). I played with 4 kids under the age of 15 at the show, and all were engaged, polite and quite intelligent. I am pretty tired, I have to admit--I DM'ed 3 8-10 hour sessions for as many as 15 players at a time; Matt did 4 sessions with as many as 18 at a time. It was crazy, but believe it or not, we stayed on task and got some very productive exploration done. Dennis Sustare got the "Saturday Night Special" magic item from me (a magic axe, +1/+4 vs undead, allows turning ability as a 4th level cleric) and John January got the big prize from Matt (+2 cloak of protection). Mythus Tower is the ongoing campaign run for 3 years now at the Con (and only at the Con), so folks character sheets were saved by Matt and we will take up where we left off next year!
Next up is PaizoCon, where Dawn, Skeeter and I will all be in attendance. Clark will be joining us this year to showcase his new material in preparation for release in 2012. Oh yeah, everyone welcome Dawn Fischer to the FGG team. Dawn will be making sure that all of us use correct grammar and spelling (we are not always the best at that), and helping improve quality of all the FGG products.

Ok, off to school camp, I shall return Friday and start packing books. Thanks again everyone for your patronage, patience, and making this a fun job. Its people like those I played with this weekend that are the reason I do this stuff.

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