Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fulfillment on New Books

Fulfillment on New Books is slightly delayed. We had a problem with some of the new books that came in this week so book orders did not go out this weekend as planned. We apologize for the delay. The replacement books should be here this week and we will get them out to you as soon as possible.
~Blonde Frog

Where we stand: Rappan Athuk

Orcus is pleased with the show of support. However being the pig god that he is, he is hungry for more adventures to come down the well.

For those of you just joining, here is a brief update. We hit SEVERAL bonus goals and have added a lot to the base pledges. You can find a full listing of the goodies on the FAQ section.

Also we have added a subscription for 6 more levels throughout the year to any pledge. For the subscription numbers we are at 239. When we hit 250 or more the book of additional levels will be a hardcover book.

We have offered some products for you to add onto your pledge at special kickstarter prices only such as Tome of Horrors (S&W), The Slumbering Tsar (PF), The Black Monastery (Either Version).

We still have dice bags left. Add $10 to your pledge. First 200 who do receive the exclusive FGG lotus dice bag.

We are only 160 more from 1000 backers which will allow for the $20 pledge and up to receive a set of dice, so keep spreading the word. We have only 2 days left!

Papa Frog and Blonde Frog continue to speak with stores and distributors about backing the project so we can win that title back.  But every dollar and backer helps. We have commissioned an artist to work on some artwork involving aliens and frogs. The question remains, what will the artwork reveal? In just a few days you'll have your answer. So keep spreading the word and getting your friends involved.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dice Bags

Because we exceeded $215,000 on the Rappan Athuk Kickstarter we are offering EXCLUSIVE Frog God Games dice bags. 

This is the way it will work: All Pledges of $1000 or more will receive 1 free dice bag. Then the first 200 people who up their pledge $10 will receive a dice bag. When we are out we are out. We can track this on the backend but we will also be confirming it on the survey. 

The bags are the lotus bag that sits flat on the table when opened. They hold 12 standard dice. The bags are made of a green speckled fabric with a high quality black satin interior. They have a black draw string with two green translucent beads. The interior canvas label is sewn in and marked by us and the makers of the bag. The exterior label can be removed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kickerstarter Backers Get Even More...

We beat Vampire's Record and thus promised artwork in celebration. THIS IS ONLY A DRAFT but we wanted to share what we have so far. The final copy will be sent out as a PDF in color. Orcus Eats Vampires. 

Now, the question remains, will we also beat Traveller? The fate is in your hands.

In our friendly competition for the Highest Funded RPG on Kickstarter, you, the fans win out. We are offering you even more at fantastic prices via this project only.

Add $100 to receive The Slumbering Tsar Saga. (Retail $149.95). Clocking in at 950 pages, The Slumbering Tsar Saga is the largest adventure ever written. It is only available in the Pathfinder Games System.

Add $75 to receive Tome of Horrors Complete for Swords & Wizardry only. (Retail $99.95). Monsters of all types! The Pathfinder Games System version is regrettably sold out.

Add $25 to receive The Black Monastery (Retail 33.99). You choose the version. 

Add $15 to add a t-shirt to your pledge (Retail $20)

Add $8 per additional players guide (Retail $8.95)

Add $60 for The Slumbering Tsar Saga PDF only (Retail $89.99)

Add $20 for Tome of Horrors PDF only (Retail $29.99). Either Version, you choose

Add $12 for The Black Monastery PDF only (Retail $15.99)
Note: These add on amounts do not count toward the bonus goals. For example to qualify for the bonus items on a $250 Pledge, you must pledge at the original $250 Pledge Reward Level. A pledge of $150 plus an added $100 for The Slumbering Tsar Saga would not qualify. These items are determined by the actual pledge level and not the dollar amount pledged.

Monday, June 25, 2012

7 day push for Rappan Athuk

With only 7 days left and Traveller fast on our heels we are asking that everyone take a moment and please tweet and facebook about our kickstarter.

You can go directly to the project and hit the tweet and fb like buttons, or simply type it up and paste the project url directly into your choice of social media.

Of course word or mouth, bribery, and threatening work well too. 

Our Player's Pledges could use a little more love too, hint, hint.

For those playing catch-up this is what we have on the table still:

At 1000 backers we will give everyone who pledges $20 or more a set of dice! That's three custom D6s and one D20.

At $200,000 all of our backers who pledge $10 or more will now receive the PDF of The Libram of Fortunate Happenstance player's booklet PLUS we will add a PDF windfall booklet for the GM to respond with their own windfall parchments.

All of our backers who pledge $10 or more will receive an Orcus Decal and all backers who pledge $500 or more will receive a PDF of the original notes.

Highest Funded RPG on Kickstarter:

If we close on Jul 2nd as the highest funded RPG on Kickstarter we will give everyone who pledges $10 or more a sew on patch custom made for this celebratory event!

Also we have added subscription levels for you with $10 off so you can receive even more levels throughout the year!

Help spread the word! Orcus demands it!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Subscription for RA Now Available

We have decided to go ahead and add the subscription NOW to the kickstarter due to the over whelming demand for it. We will be adding additional pledge levels that include the subscription at the discounted price of $49.99. Subscriptions bought after the kickstarter closes will be regular price since we will not be able to track past pledges with new orders.

We will add a pledge for just the subscription as well. So Tell Your Friends!

For Pledges over $500 we will add a pledge for 1 added subscription. If you want more than one added please contact us and we will create additional pledge levels for them.

For Pledges over $2000 you will receive 1 subscription for free.

Pledge Now (Hurry, Ends Jul 2nd 2012)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rappan Athuk hits $180K, New Goals

Thank you to all our fans who have shown tremendous support!

$200,000 Bonus Goal:

If we make this goal, all of our backers who pledge $10 or more will now receive the PDF of The Libram of Fortunate Happenstance players booklet PLUS We will add a PDF windfall booklet for the GM to respond with their own windfall parchments.

If we make this goal, all of our backers who pledge $10 or more will receive an Orcus Decal.

Highest Funded RPG on Kickstarter:

If we close on Jul 2nd as the highest funded RPG on Kickstarter we will give everyone who pledges $10 or more a sew on patch custom made for this celebratory event!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Slumbering Tsar Saga Subscribers

The giant PDF file for The Slumbering Tsar Saga is now available online for our subscribers to download. We apologize for the delay in getting the file to you. Please use your subscriber login to retrieve the file.

You can also purchase The Slumbering Tsar Sage here

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rappan Athuk gets bigger...

We have 2 new bonus goals! Pledge Now

800 Backers Bonus Goal:
If we hit 800 backers we will have Bill Webb create a subscription service, starting this fall, for new added levels to Rappan Athuk. The $59.95 Subscription will be good for one year and provide 6 new levels (published by pdf every 2 months. At the end of the year you'll receive an actual book. If we get more than 250 subscribers the book will have a hardcover, otherwise a softcover.) All Kickstarter backers will receive a $10 discount on the subscription for the first year, resulting in a $49.99 price.
180,000 Bonus Goal:
We will add in the Appendix of the Gods & Demon From the World of Necromancer Games to the Rappan Athuk book.

If we make this goal, all of our backers who pledge $500 or more will receive a Frog God Games GM Journal. The journal will have a black cover with a hot foil seal of the Orcus and our name.

Don't forget to ask your players to back the Players Pledges!

Friday, June 15, 2012

NTRPG Con Recap



Do you feel the love?


Matt's Game, Day 1



 P.S. Can you spot the frog... That's Matt's - we all have one now.

I was excited to play in Matt's game, however that lasted only a few minutes before I was whisked away. So, this part of the story will need to be told by someone who was there... um, Matt? 


Bill's Game Day 2

I was basically ordered to stop working so I could play in Bill's game. It was fun and very different. Lots of riddles and traps - but I won't say much more than that. As much as I tried to stay in the back this particular level was right up my alley and well, some Rogue had to take the lead, so why not this one! 

 I believe this picture is right before Greg and Skeeter plotted to have us all killed. Which then quickly resulted in both their deaths!

Yes, this is one of the hotel workers bringing us loads of beer in a garbage bag...

Matt's Game Day 3

I missed out AGAIN on Matt's game as I had to man the booth with our Art Director Chuck!


Bill's Game Day 3

This game completely cracked me up as our characters played "round, and round the mulberry bush" with monsters in chase. That would be my rogue sliding beneath it's legs (although it appears as though I'm surfing) in a quick attempt to get away. 

  The next part of the castle was not so nice...

At this moment we realized we were in for some deep doo-doo, literally...

That character all the way up there in front... alone, yeah that's me... apparently searching the castle on your own does not yield good results. But luckily for me Jillian had my back (once they found me) and I was able to be brought back to the flesh. Resulting sadly in no gold and no experience, but I did manage to make enemies of both the wizards in the group!

Greg's Game Day 4

I missed out on the 2 sessions of Pathfinder that Greg ran on Saturday so I was able to convince him to run a game on Sunday - yes during Matt's session which meant I miss out AGAIN on his game. Next year, Matt, I promise!

Any way, Skeeter, Dawn, Reg, and myself started the adventure out and in round 2 Skeeter died. That's 0 for 2 (at least with the times I've played with Skeet - I'm thinking he's not so good at this, but shhhh, don't tell him I said that). James jumped in to help and we needed it. I'm feeling a little sea sick... Was that before or after I swung down on the monster's back??? Hard to recall now.



For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, join us next year for some amazing fun and find out for yourselves! See you at the North Texas RPG Con in Dallas June 2013!

~Blonde Frog

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Bonus Goal $150,000

$150,000 Bonus Goal:
  • If we make this goal we will build an obituaries page on our website where players can list their character's cause of death and what product killed them.
  • If we make this goal, all of our backers who pledge $40 or more will receive the PDF of the GM Screen.
  • If we make this goal, all of our backers who pledge $100 of more will receive a 24" x 36" poster of the cross section.

Monday, June 11, 2012

120K Bonus Goal Met!

We want to thank each of you for making this goal a reality. Since all the frogs just got back from the NTRPG Con we need a few days to get the next bonus goal ready. We should have it in a few days. Also, don't forget to get your players involved too now that we have player pledges too. Thank you all again and keep spreading the word!!
~Blonde Frog

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rappan Athuk T-shirt

T-Shirt Design Complete! Click Image To Zoom
Note: We are adding a rule to the book where all players wearing the Froggy Kickstarter T-shirt will earn one re-roll per play session at discretion of GM!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Press Release:

Frog God Games
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Bill Webb, CEO

Dallas, TX, (June 7th 2012) – FROG GOD GAMES, the makers of roleplaying games and books, today announced that they are acquiring Necromancer Games, the award-winning publishing house known for Necropolis, Rappan Athuk, City of Brass, Tomb of Abysthor, Crucible of Freya, Tome of Horrors, and many other famous titles. 

The purchase of Necromancer Games considerably increases Frog God Games’ influence in the tabletop gaming industry. “The merging of the companies made sense,” said Bill Webb, CEO of Frog God Games. “As primary developer of the Necromancer line of products, I created Frog God Games with the same aesthetics and design principles in mind. We are all about capturing that hard-edged Retro feel in both our Pathfinder Roleplaying Games and our Swords & Wizardry product lines.”  The acquisition will provide Frog God Games with the use of Necromancer Games extensive intellectual property, allowing re-imagination and expansion of existing work, as well as new products under both labels. Frog God Games will maintain a separate product line of Necromancer Games products, which so far has included the Tome of Horrors Complete and will soon include Rappan Athuk.  

Frog God Games will re-animate several of Necromancer Games’ products in the future to provide its customers with revised and expanded products for a variety of tabletop editions. “The integration of both companies will take place over the next few months. Our customers will continue to receive the same high quality books which they have come to expect” stated Webb. 

Necromancer Games, which will continue to operate under that name, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Frog God Games. The company has not published new material since 2007, although it produced nearly 100 titles from 1999-2007.  The Company’s other founder, Clark Peterson will remain involved in an advisory capacity, and will continue to contribute to the company’s success. 

About Frog God Games
Founded in April 2010, Frog God Games publishes resources for the tabletop roleplaying games Pathfinder Roleplaying Games and Swords & Wizardry. Its products are known for their grand adventure settings and high quality production values. “If our hardcovers won’t last you a lifetime of use, we have not made a high enough quality product”, said Webb. Frog God Games currently serves over 2500 customers in USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe, South America, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and has produced over 70 books for Pathfinder Roleplaying Games and Swords & Wizardry in the past two years. The writers of Frog God Games have won numerous ENnie Awards. For more information about Frog God Games visit its website at
For More information please contact
Rachel Ventura, Marketing Director
Frog God Games

Frogs in Texas

Frog God Games arrived in Texas today. All set up and ready to game. Here is a great picture of Matt starting his Swords and Wizardry that Greg and Rachel got pulled out of about 2 minutes into to work (i.e over drinks). Our big news in just a few hours. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kickstarter Update: 120K Bonus Goal Added

  • If we reach this bonus goal all of our backers who pledge $10 or more will receive PDFs of the pre-generated characters.
  • Pledges of $100 or more will receive the D20Pro Digital Mapset and Hero Lab Data files PLUS the PDF of the Bestiary.
  • Pledges of $250 or more you’ll receive printed pre-generated characters, the softcover copy of the Bestiary PLUS a set of custom dice which includes 3 D6 and 1 D20.
  • Please see the FAQ section to see how many dice sets are given at the higher pledge levels.

~Blonde Frog

Monday, June 4, 2012

Preview of the new Rappan Athuk at PaizoCon!

Be the FIRST to play in the newly reanimated Rappan Athuk for Pathfinder! Play in Level 7B, Caves and Caverns of the Ancient Gods, and adventure for a lot of 6th level PCs (provided)!

Enjoy the experience of playing in the World's Deadliest Mega-Dungeon! Get a chance to play in the never-to-be-sold special bonus level given out to Kickstater pledgers ONLY. If you're never heard of Rappan Athuk, the Dungeon of Graves, now is your chance to adventure in the deadliest dungeon of all!

Go to the PaizoCon website, and preview the event <>
Event sign-up is this Thursday, June 7th, and these lottery event go fast, so get in and get it booked! Details are provided on the Paizo Website, so check it out!

Prizes awarded for great play, and I guarantee, you'll love it!

Skeeter Green

The Libram of Fortunate Happenstance

This windfall booklet allows players to change their fate. 

They are a pdf with 1 sheet of 8 parchments for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game System and 2 sheets of 12 parchments for Swords & Wizardry. You can combine them into a booklet or cut them out as cards. 

Blonde Frog laminated hers to be re-useable with dry erase markers and have as cards. Check out these photos below.

Also, they will be available in black&white printer friendly copies as well.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sneak Peek at GM Screen

Many of you have suggested we list rumors or connection to the screen, so... we did :)

Here is a sneak peak at the Front and Back of the Screens (Click on them to zoom in some)

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