Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011

January 30, 2010
About 70 boxes shipping out tomorrow. Everything is fulfilled through last Thurs now except those pesky hardcover ruklebooks! I had to take the OSRIC link down, it kept whapping my anti-virus. Not sure if its really a problem, but I had to make sure. Thanks to Jason for the heads up!

January 27, 2010
Ursined and Bedfellows arrived today, and I am told that the hardcovers have shipped to Matt (finally). Hang in there guys and gals, I am packing books this weekend, and will get the hardcovers out same day I get them! In other news, Tsar 7 is downloading from my server to my desktop right now, and will be posted Saturday!

January 18, 2010
A couple updates for the day. As most of you are aware, the bindiings on the S&W Complete Rulebook covers were not acceptable on the test copies. Our printer (with my concurrence) rejected them, and they are (have been) redone. I am told they will ship to Matt late this week. We appreciate your patience, but i wanted to ensure that you guys all got a quality book. If I was on time, you will remember next week, if the book binding sucked, you will remember forever. In other news, Ursined and Strange Bedfellows will arrive to me this week and will ship as soon as I get them. Tsar 7 is almost done in layout, and will go to editing in the next week or so. More news soon!

January 11, 2011
Ursined Sealed and Delivered and Strange Bedfellows are live! Don't miss these two low level adventures. Ursined ( features the art of legendary Paul Jaquays and was written by the old druid himself, Dennis Sustarre! Its a cold weather test of wits for players of all classes, but I can tell you that control temperature 10' radius is a most valuable spell!
Strange Bedfellows comes form the same twisted mind that gave us Family Affair. When Carla writes, you can always expect twists in the plot. Evil is not always motivated by evil...
In other news, FGG will begin offering legacy products of Mythmere Games. A list will be posted soon. Once these products are gone, they are gone, so collectors be advised that not all orders may get processed.

January 8, 2011
Ursined, Sealed and Delivered and Strange Bedfellows will arrive this week. I am putting both up for sale very soon! The S&W hardcovers have been bound and are in transit (first to Matt, tghen to me, then to you guys). Last short bit is I now have additional copies of the softcover again, so back orders will ship early next week. Thank you all for your patience!

January 3, 2011
Frog God games is pleased to announce Tome of Horrors Complete

This book will be released in 2 formats; Swords and Wizardry and Pathfinder. It will consist of a huge volume encompassing all three Necromancer Games Tome of Horror volumes. Release date is Summer 2011, and retail price is TBD. This will be hardcover release. This massive Tome will contain almost 1000 monsters retstatted and reworked for both game systems, all in one place.

This is the largest, most comprehensive monster book ever released. Each monster is individually illustrated.

Let the discussion begin!

Happy New Year (almost) !

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