Friday, August 23, 2013

Hey all…here it comes, and soon. In about two weeks, Frog God Games will begin its new Kickstarter on the next installment of the temple of elemental….I mean the Lost Lands.
Yours truly has made arrangements to take some time off of my day job to….you won’t believe it…finish Sword of Air. After 14 years of waiting, this multi-phase adventure and sourcebook of the Necromancer Games (meaning me) home game world will come to light. This adventure and setting have been referenced in every book I have ever written, all the way back to Crucible of Freya.
I have resurrected all my old notebooks and (literally) typewritten manuscripts. Found all my old drawings and maps, playtested several sections of the adventure at the last few conventions, and am ready to finally bang this thing out. This adventure series links strongly to Rappan Athuk, Slumbering Tsar, Stoneheart Valley and many other old Necromancer Games books as well. Those links will be expanded here as well.
The underlying quest is to recover the lost fragments of a mythical artifact known as the Sword of Air, an icon of Law and Good, and perhaps the only thing that can stop the foul minions of Tsathogga from overrunning the earth. This adventure itself is geared for 1st-20th level players (truly a sandbox), with the main storyline being set for levels 5-15 (really 3-12 for Swords and Wizardry). The book will be produced in both Pathfinder and Swords and Wizardry formats.
SIGNIFICANT deluxe editions will be available for you collectors. Two premium editions are planned; one leather embossed, and one, well, you will have to wait and see, but my printer is referring to it as the “nuclear” edition. I am estimating page count at 500 (may vary), and all versions will contain a large fold out map of the region as a stretch goal. Premium editions may have a few extra features related to the map itself. Additional stretch goals will include full color printing, additional material (for all!), and possibly an exclusive, Kickstarter only, module.
Currently, this book consists of several parts.
1.      The Hel’s Temple Dungeon—kind of like Tomb of Horrors on crack. This six level trap and puzzle infested dungeon formed the basis of my game through my high school and college years. Clark Peterson’s very own Bannor the Paladin spent several real life months in the place, and sadly, finished the objective. This is where the fragments of the fabled Sword of Air can be found…perhaps.
2.      The wilderness area to the west of Rappan Athuk and extending into the goblin filled Cragnook Mountains, providing detail about the Wizards Wall (created like the Great Wall of China to keep the goblins at bay by the great wizards Margon and Alickthron (actual player characters from the early 1980’s). Over 70 unique encounter areas are detailed, each one an mini-adventure in itself.
3.      The Ruined City of Tsen. Sister City to Tsar, and destroyed at nearly the same time by what many believe was a falling meteor. This place forms and aboveground dungeon area the size of a city, with over 100 detailed encounter areas. It’s a very dark place…even at noon.
4.      The Wizard’s Feud—This campaign style adventure pits the players in a long-running series of intrigues and battles between two archmages. Which side will they take? Their actions all play into the overall quest, and could well determine which side wins. Law and Chaos are not always what they seem, and if the wrong decisions are made, the entire ordeal could fail. Remember, one of the wizards WANTS Tsathogga to win.
5.      New Gods and Demons of the world, new spells, and new rules for various aspects of play.
That’s it for now. I’ll update this prior to the Kickstarter initiating.

Friday, August 9, 2013


This is an update on the Swords & Wizardry version of Fire As She Bears.

We converted the game and discovered that it was not up to par when it was done in Swords & Wizardry. Although we could have definitely fulfilled the orders by sending out a poor game, Matt finch has decided to take the route of not sending out a poor game just because we had promised to convert FASB. It would be a betrayal of our commitment to always send out only what we consider to be top-notch quality. We are left in a bind both ways, and in order to make FASB into a game that works well as an expansion to the S&W naval combat rules, we would have to essentially create a new game.

So the decision has been made to offer a refund rather than send out something low quality. We apologize and will be contacting those who added this product on to offer refunds and our apology.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tsathogga Miniatures

A giant resin model of the frog god "Tsathogga" will kick off the new Tome of Horrors Complete miniatures range. It will be available for pre-GenCon sale for $129.95 if paid by August 15th - once GenCon begins, it will be $159.95.

The model will also include a limited edition module from Frog God Games, complete with the statistics and a major encounter with this evil entity. The model is sculpted by Drew Williams and will be limited to 200 castings. Each will be individually numbered and a certificate of authenticity will be provided.

"This miniature will be definitely be a centerpiece for many collections," said Matt Solarz, president of Center Stage Miniatures. "It'll be one for the collectors, whether you are a miniatures fan or a fan of Frog God Games modules."

These models are already being produced, but will not ship out until the modules are complete and printed, most likely around mid to late September.

CSM will be compiling a "want list" for these models, but the miniatures won't officially be "reserved" until they are paid for, Solarz said. "This is a massive undertaking, and these models are not cheap. We'll put you on the reservation list, but as people begin to pay, your name will get bumped - so it's basically first pay, first served."

Fulfillment of the Tsathogga model and module will be handled by our casting company, Valiant Enterprises. All models will ship directly to the customer once cast. This will ensure they don't get bogged down or slow to ship due to our Kickstarters fulfilling at the same time.

If you are interested in reserving a Tsathogga model, please contact and they will send you an invoice.

Hex Crawl 7 Now Available

Hex Crawl Chronicles: 7 - The Golden Meadows

In a windswept valley of scrub and sand there is a pleasant meadow fed by a bubbling spring. Here the wandering folk have made their home, a fort of adobe under the blazing sun. From this place in the middle of nowhere one might join the prospectors in the mountains searching for silver, race against the mountain men in their search for the fabled Caverns of the Old Ones or just explore the many secrets and dangers hiding beneath the burning sands. 

The Golden Meadows is a hex-crawl, referring to the hex-shaped units that divide the map. Just as dungeon adventures take place on a gridded map, wilderness adventures can be conducted on a hex map, allowing players the freedom to decide where their characters roam and giving them the thrill of discovering the many places and people that have been placed on the map. This map represents a large area filled with numerous places to discover and explore, and can be used as a campaign area in its own right, or dropped into an existing campaign. Released in separate editions for both Swords and Wizardry and Pathfinder.
Page count: 50 PF, 29 SW
Author: John M. Stater

Buy the PDF Now, Pre-order the Print for September/October Delivery

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Hero Lab files are available now!

To purchase the files simply click here and select the ones you would like:

A Treasury of Nautical Lore: Dead Man's Chest
No place offers more adventure than the ocean. No dungeon is as deep, no jungle as full of exotic and dangerous life. Most folk spend their entire lives on dry ground, unaware that entire civilizations thrive beneath the waves, sometimes far more ancient and steeped in mystery than any on the world's upper surface. Though player characters (PCs) have long grown familiar with the air-breathing world above, seldom do they venture into the depths, and when they do, they discover wonders they never dreamed exisited. The ocean offers a venue for adventure that is at once alien and appealing. Strange things exist down there, as perilous as they are compelling. 

DMC Hero Lab Files 9.99, Buy Now!

 The Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley
For over a decade, fans of Necromancer Games and Frog God Games have been asking to see the world behind the adventures. And at long last, here is where it all began, in the Stoneheart Valley near the town of Fairhill. This mini-campaign was originally presented to the fans of Necromancer Games in three separate modules: "The Wizard's Amulet", "The Crucible of Freya", and "The Tomb of Abysthor". Frog God Games has taken the full series from the 3E version plus supplemental material previously available only online, and converted it all to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system and the Swords & Wizardry Complete ruleset.

SV Hero Lab Files 9.99, Buy Now!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gen Con Updates

Frog God is at booth 564
Over by the Family Fun Area, the Art show, and the training grounds


  • Skeeter Green is running RA Level 1D in Hall E Blue 38 from 10 am to 2 pm, then working the booth from 2-close. Glitter Frog will be there with Skeeter! Possibly Our Favorite Yeti as well! 
  • Rachel Ventura is working the booth from 9-2
  • Tom Knauss will be there from 10-12
  • Skeeter is running RA Level 1D in Hall E Blue 38, then working the booth from 3-close. Glitter Frog will still be there with Skeeter. 
  • Bill Webb is in the booth from 10-1, swing by, talk, get books signed, buy loads of stuff....then killing characters in Hall E Blue 38, from 2-6.
  • Rachel is in the booth from 12-3 (in Pirate Attire). 
  • Tom is in the booth from 10-12
  • Skeeter is working the booth from 3-close. Glitter Frog will still be there with Skeeter.
  • Bill is in the booth from 10-12, swing by, talk, get books signed, buy loads of stuff....then killing characters in JW 304 1--2, from 12-4. 
  • Rachel is in booth from 12-3, come by and see her Steampunk outfit! 
  • Tom is in booth from 10-12.
  • Glitter Frog and Skeeter will leave earlier than other people, but may still be haunting the halls...
  • Tom is in booth from 10-12
  • R.A. Mc Reynolds is in booth from 10-1pm 
  • Rachel is in booth from 1-close
Hope some of you can swing by and see the booth! We have some cross-promotions with other booths, and we will be apart of the Cheese Wheel, so it should be fun! Come see us!

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