Friday, August 9, 2013


This is an update on the Swords & Wizardry version of Fire As She Bears.

We converted the game and discovered that it was not up to par when it was done in Swords & Wizardry. Although we could have definitely fulfilled the orders by sending out a poor game, Matt finch has decided to take the route of not sending out a poor game just because we had promised to convert FASB. It would be a betrayal of our commitment to always send out only what we consider to be top-notch quality. We are left in a bind both ways, and in order to make FASB into a game that works well as an expansion to the S&W naval combat rules, we would have to essentially create a new game.

So the decision has been made to offer a refund rather than send out something low quality. We apologize and will be contacting those who added this product on to offer refunds and our apology.


  1. Kind of lame. I would have ordered the Pathfinder version with all my other Razor Coast stuff and saved shipping. Now I probably wont pick it up.

  2. I think its a excellent can and stand behind your reasons.

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