Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tsathogga Miniatures

A giant resin model of the frog god "Tsathogga" will kick off the new Tome of Horrors Complete miniatures range. It will be available for pre-GenCon sale for $129.95 if paid by August 15th - once GenCon begins, it will be $159.95.

The model will also include a limited edition module from Frog God Games, complete with the statistics and a major encounter with this evil entity. The model is sculpted by Drew Williams and will be limited to 200 castings. Each will be individually numbered and a certificate of authenticity will be provided.

"This miniature will be definitely be a centerpiece for many collections," said Matt Solarz, president of Center Stage Miniatures. "It'll be one for the collectors, whether you are a miniatures fan or a fan of Frog God Games modules."

These models are already being produced, but will not ship out until the modules are complete and printed, most likely around mid to late September.

CSM will be compiling a "want list" for these models, but the miniatures won't officially be "reserved" until they are paid for, Solarz said. "This is a massive undertaking, and these models are not cheap. We'll put you on the reservation list, but as people begin to pay, your name will get bumped - so it's basically first pay, first served."

Fulfillment of the Tsathogga model and module will be handled by our casting company, Valiant Enterprises. All models will ship directly to the customer once cast. This will ensure they don't get bogged down or slow to ship due to our Kickstarters fulfilling at the same time.

If you are interested in reserving a Tsathogga model, please contact and they will send you an invoice.


  1. Will the module be available in Swords and Wizardry format?

  2. It is now:

  3. James-
    Unfortunately, due to the size limitations and not knowing who is ordering what version, we are not including the print module in both formats with the mini. However, I believe the mod will be available after the mini ships out in pdf format in both versions.

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