Friday, November 18, 2011

November 11, 2011

Here we are in November, and news for the month is as follows:

1. Slumbering Tsar 11 is out, and 12 is in final editing.

2. Northland Saga 2 is out, and 3 is in layout! Look for several more volumes of this soon.

3. TOAD arrives this week late to me, so will ship December 1. The pre-order price goes away as soon as I ship the first book--so act now and save $8!

4. Rappan Athuk is progressing, still slated for a July/August release.Oh yeah, its gonna have a textured faux leather cover.

5. Black Monastery is in final proofing. Pre-order sales will begin around December 1. Release in late January/early February. price will be $39.99 preorder, $44.99 after.

6. Tsar subscription orders will end the day after Tsar 14 releases. This book will cost a fortune to print, so I will not be making any extras. Paizo will have a (very) limited number for sale. I believe it will be the largest RPG book ever made. Shipping invoices will be mailed to subscribers as soon as I know the final weight, although I am trending to send it flat rate priority mail to everyone (probably a large box to make sure its heavily insulated from damage.

7. Several new SNS/ONS books are in various stages of work on them a bit later.

8. SW softcover rulebooks will be for sale again in about 1 week, reprints will arrive soon.

9. I have received reprint copies of ONS 3 (Spire) and Fane of the Fallen--so they are for sale again.

10. The Frog Family will be visiting their poison arrow relatives in Costa Rica from Feb 10-March 15. No orders will be processed during that time, so please try to get everything in prior to Feb 5 or so so I can pack and ship before Mrs. Frog makes me get on an airplane!

11. My Ebay site will soon have a ton of old stuff listed (estimate 2-3 weeks). This will include hundreds of Warhammer miniatures (some were competition level models from when I used to play the world circuit---painted usually by GW staff), Traveller oops from the 1970s and 1980s, Forgotten Realms and Al Quadim books, and other stuff. I simply don't have room in my warehouse and office for the stuff anymore, so after filling 3 buildings up, I decided I had to get rid of some of it. The Gamelord's and JG stuff of course, is never going up for sale.

12. FGG will be attending North Texas RPG Con in Dallas in June, as well as PaizoCon in July. Look us up there. NTRPG is even going to make an exception and let Greg run a Pathfinder table. Matt and I will be running Mythus Tower almost continuously for 4 days, of course.

13. About 50 copies of SW Tome of Horrors are left--order now, or forever hold your peace. NTRPG will also have 50 copies for sale; but once these 100 are gone, that's all folks!

14. I still have no clue how to format this text (as should be obvious):) More news soon!

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