Saturday, June 22, 2013

Frogs at Reaper

We love tours. They rock. The guys at Reaper were just amazing. A special shout out to Brian and Ron for showing us the ins and outs and having a good laugh with us. Here are some pictures from our trip.
Greg & Chuck checking out the merchandise. So you know I gave them a hard time about not stocking our products. We'll be fixing that asap.
Ron explaining the changes and growth of Reaper and why they had to move Reaper Con. Matt, Marshal, and Chuck listening intently.
Here we are with James, Skeeter, Marshal, Bill, and Brian checking out the new machine.
We got the quick and dirty version of how this works which was pretty amazing. Brian told us that if they were to try to make all the Bones Kickstarter figures off this machine it would have taken 7 years to fulfill all the backers. That puts things in perspective considering overseas promised 7 months due to the number of machines they have to use.

Here they are showing us how they create the molds. The material goes in super hot and ends up like a rubber similar to tires. It definitely smelled like tires. The heat and steam coming off this was crazy.

Here we are getting to see the pouring of the metal and actual creation of the mini. The speed at which they handle these piping hot materials is mind blowing.

Ah the paint department. We learned a lot of awesome tips and info from the paint lady. I don't think I will ever buy another company's paints for minis again. You guys are a class act!
Mix it up Greg!

Filling the bottles of paint.
What a cool lunch room. A terrific tour with a terrific company. The one room I didn't photograph was the gallery. Seeing all the painted figures though was simply fantastic. The detail and color combos were breathtaking, awe inspiring, and tremendous. Thank you Reaper for the opportunity to check it out!
~Blonde Frog 

P.S. the frogs really couldn't complain either since they all got their KS pledges fulfilled which came in handy at the NT RPG Con!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Feedback on Hall of Bones

We would love to hear feedback from Free RPG Day! If you got a chance to play or run Hall of Bones simply leave us a comment on our blog at 

We will pick 3 random comments to win an Orcus Decal.  Comments must be on the blog. Other social media sites will not be included... so re-post it here :)
~Blonde Frog

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Gaming

And then it was Sunday :( 
Matt got to break out and play something different than Swords & Wizardry.
Blonde Frog got to play in Eric Jenson's Tears of the Dinosaur Sausages which she reports was very fun until she got ran through by a Steak-a-saurus.
 The final scene of Greg Vaughan's Bloody Jack game
 And then the eels came...

Last meal at the con. Sadly Matt had to start on home so we missed him at this one. Until next year!

Saturday Gaming at the Con

Saturday is always the longest day of gaming for several reasons. The lack of sleep and over drinking really starts to catch up with us by this time. But here are some of the shots of Saturday at NT RPG Con in Dallas.
 Bill's Game
 Chris' Tiny Zombie game with Skeeter Green, Kevin Walker, and Chuck Wright
 Rob Kuntz, Doug Rhea, Mike Badolato running the raffle and auction
 Finalist for Three Castles  
 Greg Vaughan's Pathfinder game: Bloody Jack from The Blight
 This is the library that almost TPK'd us with an animated fire wall and hornet's nest. Sad...
 And there's the fire... doh!
 Matt Finch's night game
 All those players and they still die!
 Matt's players
 Chris doing another demo of Worra Realms
 Late night drinks with the gang
Greg Vaughan, James Redmon, Blonde Frog, Mama Frog 
Female Frogs: Blonde Frog, Mama Frog, Lil Frog

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Full Day of Gaming

Bill started out running Swords of Air. 

The other frogs were playing Worra Realms. Fun quick RPG.

 Matt & Chris
 Chuck & Chris

Matt ran his game at night. 

The rest of us went out to get some Chophouse Burgers and Drinks

Greg, Rachel, James, Krista

Friday, June 7, 2013

Matt's First Game

"There's a fish in the wall opening and closing it's mouth" Matt explains.
Johnny says "I stick my pinky in".
Matt exclaims "a dagger shoots out and slices it off".

A little while later. A player states "I want to try to break the diamond armor"
Matt states "You may try".
"Okay what do I roll" questioned the player.
Matt declares "A million sided dice. what, I said you could try"

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