Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saturday Gaming at the Con

Saturday is always the longest day of gaming for several reasons. The lack of sleep and over drinking really starts to catch up with us by this time. But here are some of the shots of Saturday at NT RPG Con in Dallas.
 Bill's Game
 Chris' Tiny Zombie game with Skeeter Green, Kevin Walker, and Chuck Wright
 Rob Kuntz, Doug Rhea, Mike Badolato running the raffle and auction
 Finalist for Three Castles  
 Greg Vaughan's Pathfinder game: Bloody Jack from The Blight
 This is the library that almost TPK'd us with an animated fire wall and hornet's nest. Sad...
 And there's the fire... doh!
 Matt Finch's night game
 All those players and they still die!
 Matt's players
 Chris doing another demo of Worra Realms
 Late night drinks with the gang
Greg Vaughan, James Redmon, Blonde Frog, Mama Frog 
Female Frogs: Blonde Frog, Mama Frog, Lil Frog

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