Saturday, May 29, 2010

Website development is ongoing ... stay tuned! The next chapter is expected to be released soon. We are waiting on final art and Chuck promised me a layout copy for editing this weekend!

In the meanwhile, missing that out of print Necromancer Games Module? Never got a chance to buy the low print run K series while they were in stores (less than 400 of each in circulation)? Need a spare copy of an out of print adventure to replace your dog-eared copy? Well, you are in luck! I purchased all the backstock from White Wolf, Kenzer and Troll Lord Games. My garage IS the warehouse. I am pleased to offer limited quantities of Necromancer Games backstock at current market prices from my ebay store ( Sorry, some items are priced far beyond original retail, but they are very rare and even I have very few copies. Some other items are below original retail as well.

Not all Necromancer Games books are available (nope, no copies of Abysthor!), but most titles, even all of the K series and the "Mother of" hardcovers are. This is the last repository of Necromancer Games inventory on the planet, and when these books are gone, or if my garage floods, there will never be any more of them. All copies are factory sealed case mint condition. I am open to bulk orders at a discounted rate for some products (contact me).

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update 4 pm PST
OK, I got the download files working for the web guy is not back until tonite (soon), and there is no way I am posting for sale files to non-subscribers before I post for the 50+ folks that just sent us $125. News again as soon as I can get it working. No one told me ftp stuff could be so complex. I am gonna have to drink more.

I am still working on this--still anticipate everyone will get the chapter 1 download today!

We greatly appreciate all the support so, sales of the subscription are coming in very fast. Frankly I was expecting less response this rapidly. In response to this, Chuck stayed up all night and finished final layout on Chapter 1. I edited the legal page, so as soon as he wakes up and changes my tweaks, I will post it up for sale, and to all you subscribers. Ten days early!

Keep the feedback and questions coming. Since we are going to operate as a patronage company, our only concern is what you guys want. Spread the word and get folks to try out at least Chapter 1--I think they will see the value of what we are doing and sign up. Keep in mind, more orders and more customers lowers the price point of the next book or series, so the more patrons we have, the less everyone has to pay.

I'll post here and everywhere else as soon as I get the first book chapter up!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Update at 4 pm PST. Subscription sales are now LIVE!

Ok, we tested the paypal links last night, and there are still some code glitches. The web developer is working on them and will get back to me today, so I am optimistic that we will have this up and running for the weekend (apologize for the delay). Chuck finished layout on Chapter 1 yesterday, and we are currently proofing it, so that might actually be early! It looks fantastic (IMO) and I am sure you guys (and gals) will be very pleased with the first installment. More news this evening I think.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Many questions have been coming in about why or why not to buy a subscription vs. the monthly option. Its true the price difference is not great, however, a subscription is really the only way to ensure that you get a signed copy of the hardcover.

Greg and I will sign only the copies that we personally pack and ship. This will be done once (as soon as Chapter 14 is complete and we do the main print run), What this means is that some of you who order monthly orders "may" be included in the initial print run, but there is no guarantee.

In about 6 months (exact time tbd) I will close out our discounted program, and anyone who is not fully subscribed will have to pay the higher price for the whole series ($169.99).

There are good reasons to subscribe. First, it lets us pre-plan art and other costs. It lets us get print runs set up ahead of time, and saves us money, and most importantly, time. What this does for you is allows us to add more art, fly Greg to Seattle to sign the books, and ensures that you get your book faster (no extra time waiting for the printer).

I won't punish folks who cannot do the subscription option (that's a lot of money up front), but I do want to try and reward those who do.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Based on a few emails, and to clarify, if you buy ALL the subscriptions monthly (the $9.99/issue price), you also will get the hardcover book at the end (you just pay shipping)...I just am not quite sure how to track who did this, so you MUST retain your order receipts, as I have not figured out an elegant solution for this and may have to process orders manually.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Coming May 15th to Frog God Games Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 1 —The Edge of Oblivion in pdf format for the introductory price of $2.00. Subscriptions will be available as soon as this e-challenged old toad can figure it out (a few days).

Each month following, the next chapter of The Slumbering Tsar Saga™ will be released for the low price of $9.99. A subscription option is available to ensure that you don’t miss a single installment. Upon the release of the final chapter, the whole will be available as a hardcover print adventure and is included as part of the purchase price for those how purchase all 14 installments of the series or for a one-time purchase price of $125.00 (includes hardcover). Non subscription hardcover books will be available for $169.99 (when we are all done) at Drive Through RPG ( . As soon as Slumbering Tsar Saga™ is complete, look for our next release!
Don’t miss out.

Our Products page lists these and other deals related to this epic adventure!

You have waited long enough for The Slumbering Tsar Saga™. Now it is waiting for you.

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