Thursday, May 6, 2010

Many questions have been coming in about why or why not to buy a subscription vs. the monthly option. Its true the price difference is not great, however, a subscription is really the only way to ensure that you get a signed copy of the hardcover.

Greg and I will sign only the copies that we personally pack and ship. This will be done once (as soon as Chapter 14 is complete and we do the main print run), What this means is that some of you who order monthly orders "may" be included in the initial print run, but there is no guarantee.

In about 6 months (exact time tbd) I will close out our discounted program, and anyone who is not fully subscribed will have to pay the higher price for the whole series ($169.99).

There are good reasons to subscribe. First, it lets us pre-plan art and other costs. It lets us get print runs set up ahead of time, and saves us money, and most importantly, time. What this does for you is allows us to add more art, fly Greg to Seattle to sign the books, and ensures that you get your book faster (no extra time waiting for the printer).

I won't punish folks who cannot do the subscription option (that's a lot of money up front), but I do want to try and reward those who do.

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