Saturday, May 29, 2010

Website development is ongoing ... stay tuned! The next chapter is expected to be released soon. We are waiting on final art and Chuck promised me a layout copy for editing this weekend!

In the meanwhile, missing that out of print Necromancer Games Module? Never got a chance to buy the low print run K series while they were in stores (less than 400 of each in circulation)? Need a spare copy of an out of print adventure to replace your dog-eared copy? Well, you are in luck! I purchased all the backstock from White Wolf, Kenzer and Troll Lord Games. My garage IS the warehouse. I am pleased to offer limited quantities of Necromancer Games backstock at current market prices from my ebay store ( Sorry, some items are priced far beyond original retail, but they are very rare and even I have very few copies. Some other items are below original retail as well.

Not all Necromancer Games books are available (nope, no copies of Abysthor!), but most titles, even all of the K series and the "Mother of" hardcovers are. This is the last repository of Necromancer Games inventory on the planet, and when these books are gone, or if my garage floods, there will never be any more of them. All copies are factory sealed case mint condition. I am open to bulk orders at a discounted rate for some products (contact me).

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