Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update 4 pm PST
OK, I got the download files working for the web guy is not back until tonite (soon), and there is no way I am posting for sale files to non-subscribers before I post for the 50+ folks that just sent us $125. News again as soon as I can get it working. No one told me ftp stuff could be so complex. I am gonna have to drink more.

I am still working on this--still anticipate everyone will get the chapter 1 download today!

We greatly appreciate all the support so, sales of the subscription are coming in very fast. Frankly I was expecting less response this rapidly. In response to this, Chuck stayed up all night and finished final layout on Chapter 1. I edited the legal page, so as soon as he wakes up and changes my tweaks, I will post it up for sale, and to all you subscribers. Ten days early!

Keep the feedback and questions coming. Since we are going to operate as a patronage company, our only concern is what you guys want. Spread the word and get folks to try out at least Chapter 1--I think they will see the value of what we are doing and sign up. Keep in mind, more orders and more customers lowers the price point of the next book or series, so the more patrons we have, the less everyone has to pay.

I'll post here and everywhere else as soon as I get the first book chapter up!

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