Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2011

April 25, 2011
More books coming soon! Hex Crawls, Splinters 6 and Hollow Mountain are off to press, and UBAD is in editing. Tome SW is nearly complete, and Pathfinder should be ready to edit by May. I have an edit draft of Black Monastery, and Tsar 9, the first book of the final 3-volume epic, is being revised currently. I fell a little behind on shipping last week (Holy Week is a big deal in the Frog house), but now that Easter is passed I am back up and running and should mail all back orders this week. Thanks again for your patronage. See you all at PaizoCon and North Texas RPG Con!

April 4, 2011
Madaro Shanti is still yet to arrive (darn USPS), but all the rest of the books have arrived in last few days. Bear with me, I am shipping as fast as I can. The frogs set up a new network this weekend, slowing down an already slow process, but its up and running, and seems to be working well. I am changing the name of Hex Crawl Classics (I decided it was to close to Goodman's DCC's), so as soon as we have  adifferent title (Old School Hex Crawls?), I'll post that up. Thanks again for your patience guys and gals, those hardcovers really derailed me. All should be back to normal soon. The bindings for the Tome and Tsar books are CONFIRMED as stitch bound (sewn), and should be very, very durable. I am not sure anyone has done a stitch bound book since the days of AD&D. It ain't cheap, but you all desrve the book to be bombproof. We only have about 30 of the flawed hardcovers left, and are down to just a few copies of Ursined, Tsar 1-2 and Splinters 1-2. Its unlikely we will reprint the short modules, so if you want them, get them soon. I'll post again as soon as the Madaro Shanti's arrive and ship.

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