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Who We Are

We consist of old grognard gamers, including a brilliant layout guy, and a cartographer who was not even a gamer when we recruited him. We have more than a few writing credits to our name, and have decided after dealing with publishers, printers and middlemen to head off on our own and make some books. We have developed friendships with, and worked with the best and most famous writers in the industry. We are the real deal.

Who We Aren't

We won't fill your players coffers with millions of gold pieces and powerful magic items either, at least not without great efforts. Our encounters won't be "balanced" to make sure no one dies, and a 3rd level monster may or may not have 50.2 gp (like its supposed to in certain rule books). Death will be frequent, but fair, and players who fail to use their heads will surely lose them.

After all, Tsathogga's special attack is "eats 1d6 adventurers per round". Adventurers taste like chicken....errrr, flies.

Bill Webb (President, CEO, and Writer)
Papa Frog

Bill has over 135 books to his credit-writing, developing and directing the creation of over 100,000 pages of fantasy RPG material as the creative director and still half owner of Necromancer Games (with his old buddy Clark Peterson). His best known works include Rappan Athuktm, Wilderlands of High Fantasytm, Dungeon of Gravestm, Demons and Devilstm, the Crucible of Freyatm, and The Lost City of Barakustm (with WDB Kenower).

His works have won several ENNIE Awards, including his pride and joy, the Golden Grognard award in 2007. Bill has worked with industry giants, including Gary Gygax, Rob Kuntz, David Kenzer, Steve Wieck, Ari Marmell, Robert Schwalb, Steve Chenault, Casey Christofferson and Pat Lawinger, and of course, his RPG hero, Bob Bledsaw. He currently lives with Mama Frog (Krista), Lil' Frog, and Baby Frog on his farm in a remote area of Washington State with his dogs, guns, and pickup truck, where he designs roads, bridges and parks in his spare time. Among his many weapons are fear, the element of surprise, and his not-so-pretty red robe. In fact, he seldom gets out of his robe (except for his day job). And yes, that's booze in his coffee cup. One part redneck, one part engineer and 4 parts killer DM basically sums up Bill.

Greg A. Vaughan (Pathfinder Creative Director)
Naked F.R.O.G.

Greg started his professional writing career in the pages of Dungeon Magazine with the adventure “Tammeraut’s Fate” followed by the re-introduction of the infamous Isle of Dread into modern fantasy roleplaying in “Torrents of Dread.” He then went on to write nearly dozen adventures for that classic adventure magazine including installments in its adventure paths Age of Worms and The Savage Tide. He was honored with the opportunity to write the capstone adventure of Dungeon Magazine’s print run with “Prince of Demons” in issue #150. Greghas since continued to write forDungeon Magazineonline for both 3rd and 4th editions.His other credits with Wizards of the Coast include the books Drow of the Underdark, Anauroch: Empire of Shade, The Twilight Tomb, and Scepter-Tower of Spellgard. After the end of the magazine’s print run, Greg continued his track record of adventure paths for Paizo Publishing by being the only author to write an installment in every one of their Pathfinder adventure paths, a record that continues to this day. He has also written Pathfinder Modules River Into Darkness and the forthcoming The Witchwar Legacy, as well as contributed to numerous other titles and lines including the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiaries, the Pathfinder Chronicles and Companion lines, and Pathfinder Society Organized Play. However, Greg ’s magnum opus has to be the Slumbering Tsar series that he began working on in 2004 for Necromancer Games. By the time the entire series was completed, 4th Edition had come along, and the turmoil that ensued put the release of the series on a long hiatus that has only now ended through the advent of Frog God Games created by Bill Webb of long-time Necromancer Games fame. Greg is a member of the WereCabbages Freelance Writers’ Guild, who did much to keep the candle of Slumbering Tsar alight through online and word-of-mouth promotion. He lives with his wife and children in Oklahoma.

Matt Finch (Swords & Wizardry Creative Director)
Tiny emerald poison-dart tree frog

Matt is the ENnie-award winning author of Swords & Wizardry, the simulacrum/clone of the 1974 Original Edition rule-set. He is also the author of the (somewhat infamous) Quick Primer for Old School Gaming along with several adventure modules and gaming resources. Matt is a marathon runner, and in his picture he is shown jumping over fire while wearing a kilt, at the Central Texas Warrior Dash. Apparently it all turned out okay.

Chuck Wright (Art Director, Layout and Rules Translator)

Chuck has been gaming since his father let him create a halfling rogue named "Hawkeye" and join in on the D&D basic fun. (That's the Erol Otus set, not the "Red" set.) He's been enjoying role playing games ever since, and collects RP systems like baseball cards. But he always returns to his one, true love of fantasy roleplaying.
Chuck worked with Necromancer Games on some of their free products as well as cover layouts and layout & typesetting. The most well known of these would be the Gold ENnie award-winning "The Lost City of Barakus". He also donates his spare time on the site D20PFSRD.com converting (and eventually creating) creatures for The Pathfinder Role Playing Game.

Finally, although his photo may indicate otherwise, he no longer smokes, nor does he live in a film noir world setting.

Skeeter Green (Project Director, and Translator)
Grumpy Frog

Skeeter has been playing some version of D&D for over 30 years. After his initial introduction to the game (where he later found out his PC died because he had to go home early), he quickly decided he wanted to be “the Man behind the Screen”. Skeeter has been running games for 25+ years, and thinks he has a fair grasp of the mechanics of the game by this point. Enough, at least, to stumble and fumble into doing something he has always dreamed of: giving back to the RPG industry as a gaming “insider.”

Skeeter currently plays a tabletop game utilizing the Pathfinder Role Playing Games ruleset, but with a definite 0E attitude. He thinks he has the best of both worlds, and lives by this game motto: “Use what works and throw the rest out”.

Skeeter has contributed on several Necromancer Games products as writer or content editor, and has worked with Greg, Bill, Chuck, Casey, Pat and the rest of the gang on a number of projects. He is very happy to be a part of Frog God Games working with good friends, but is confused about speaking about himself in the third person. Skeeter is also married to Glitter Frog.

Rachel Ventura (Vice President of Sales & Marketing)
Blonde Frog

Rachel Ventura started gaming at the age of 6 when her older brother needed a rogue elf to play in his dungeon. Although her experience at that point mostly involved her searching for shinies her gaming style did evolve from table-top to LARPing to card games. Now a mother of twins, strategy games are much more her style.

She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics where she worked as an actuary for a few years before moving into marketing. Her stint as an online marketing manager for a large publishing company paved the way for her to become a social media marketing director for her own company. She is a woman of many talents anywhere from training wolves for movies to teaching scrapbooking at Gen Con for SPA events.

Her Navy husband who she met at Gen Con in '97 literally keeps sweeping her off her feet as they move coast to coast every few years. They now reside in Washington State with their daughters and two dogs: Gin & Tonic.


Aaron Zirkelbach (Editor)

Aaron Zirkelbach resides in the lower half of Illinois that nobody talks about (where thar be dragons).  A man of many talents, he spent way too much time in college before finally deciding to go into computer science.  He found a woman of similar interests there, and married her.  They have two kids and a house with a teak game room.  His day job is an IT Manager for a multi-million dollar company, at night he plays with his kids, writes, plays RPGs, or talks with people on the internet.  He has a working knowledge of hundreds of RPGs.  Swords & Wizardry Complete is one of his favorite.

He’s been called a professional-quality editor by a professional editor, won arguments against lawyers, sold games to salesmen, called an elite gamer while rallying against gaming elitism, called an excellent GM by one of the finest roleplayers he’s ever met, and is called the Samuel L. Jackson of RPGnet.  He’ll never win any beauty contests, though.  His first credit in a RPG comes with Rappan Athuk (2012) where he contributed editing to the S&W version.

John "Matt" Stater (Writer)

John “Matt” Stater is a full-time commercial real estate researcher in Fabulous Las Vegas who decided a few years back to try his hand at hobby publishing. A chance conversation with Bill led to a stint writing the Hex Crawl Chronicles, and then participation on the Tome of Horrors Complete and Rappan Athuk. When he’s not toiling for the Frog God, he’s producing his own games and supplements at the Land of Nod blog, or spending some happy downtime with his wife, daughter and the family basset hound, Kopper, “The Worst Dog in the World.”TM http://matt-landofnod.blogspot.com/

Jeff Harkness (Writer, Converter, and Editor )

Jeff Harkness has been writing and editing since he sent in a few monsters for the Creature Collection 2 open call. Since then, he’s written gods and titans for the Scarred Lands, spellbooks for Relics & Rituals, and created an entire dwarven stronghold in Burok Torn: City Under Siege. He co-authored parts of Glades of Death for Necromancer Games and the Splinters of Faith series for Frog God Games with his best friend of 30 years, Gary Schotter. In all, he’s written, edited or worked on dozens of adventures and sourcebooks.
He lives in Kentucky with his wife, 2 daughters, and a Shih-Tzu named Gizmo whose bark is definitely worse than his eight-toothed bite. In his spare time (what little there is of it), Jeff designs the front page for the Louisville Courier-Journal. No matter what anyone says, he’s not consumed with hooking up words and phrases and clauses (and singing “Conjunction Junction” at the drop of a hat). Honestly. He’s not totally obsessed with words.

Chris Haskins (Board/Card Game Designer)

Chris Haskins has been a fan of board games since he was a small child playing american classics like Monopoly and Risk with his family. During his teens he was exposed to the wonderful and exciting world of tabletop RPGs and has since been designing and developing his own games.

Chris holds many degrees including a Bachelors in Information Technology and an Associates in Digital Media. His experience as a graphic designer has come in handy when it comes to game development. He can often take a game from a rough design to a working prototype in a matter of days.

Currently Chris is working with Frog God Games to produce new game titles that are family friendly, easy to learn, exciting to play and designed to have endless replay value. He is also the owner of Nord Games.

Chris McFann (Artist)

Chris has been drawing all things odd for a very long time. Everything from comics to games you name it. He spends most of his time locked in his basement hunched over a drawing and drinking way to much coffee.

Chris currently is a free lance artist and self publishes under the imprint RKDN Studios.

Rick Sardinha (Cover Artist and Cartographer)

Rick is an award winning illustrator and fine artist living on the outskirts of Providence, Rhode Island with his wife, two spoiled dogs and a badger puppet with a bad attitude. He’s been a gamer as long as he’s been an artist. His artistic influences range from masters such as Pyle, Turner and Sargeant to George Herriman and, most notably, the excitement of pulp art. His passion is to create in traditional oil media, however, he is just as comfortable in front of a computer and often uses multiple disciplines in the image creation process.

His freelance work can be found on book covers, games, and maps covering such diverse subject matter as land & sea scapes, dinosaurs, fantastical creatures, pirates, ships, and wildlife. His creations even grace the covers of several Necromancer publications. More of his work can be seen at http://www.battleduck.com.

Robert Altbauer (Cartography)

Robert originates from the small country of Austria. He is a life long addict to science fiction, fantasy and alternate history, and became a cartographer not too long ago, when a stroke of genius hit him and he decided to buy a graphic tablet. Although he had drawn and painted as child, this talent was nearly forgotten over college and university, when he had to learn for his law study and had no time for drawing. Luckily, he rediscovered his skills and started to make maps over a year ago. Since then he made numerous maps for RPG groups, novels, browser games and professional publishers in Europe.

Jen Green (Convention Girl)
Glitter Frog

Jennifer only got into gaming because she was tired of Skeeter being gone for hours at a time. She went to Paizocon and was greeted with a pre-gen named Blaze and a bunch of helpful gamers. As a high school math teacher, she understands the numbers, and, as an avid movie watcher, she is up for twists and tie-ins that have often saved her and her crew. Unfortunately, she is still under the impression that long-time gamers know better – a fact that has her characters sometimes dying an unnaturally early death. That will change. In the game, she has become famous for shooting peasants in the face for challenging her authority and wanting to start a chain of “meat on a stick” franchise.

She also loves being the player behind the scenes who makes drinks and cookies and lures anyone who thinks teachers are “meek and mild” into a world that they never dared existed. Glitter Frog has no qualms about dressing up in 70’s clothing or rolling around on roller skates while talking like a truck driver. Bring it on! And her biggest coup is being married to Grumpy Frog while loving the “Happiest Place on Earth” and breaking into song at any moment, which just makes Grumpy Frog grumpier.

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