Monday, June 4, 2012

Preview of the new Rappan Athuk at PaizoCon!

Be the FIRST to play in the newly reanimated Rappan Athuk for Pathfinder! Play in Level 7B, Caves and Caverns of the Ancient Gods, and adventure for a lot of 6th level PCs (provided)!

Enjoy the experience of playing in the World's Deadliest Mega-Dungeon! Get a chance to play in the never-to-be-sold special bonus level given out to Kickstater pledgers ONLY. If you're never heard of Rappan Athuk, the Dungeon of Graves, now is your chance to adventure in the deadliest dungeon of all!

Go to the PaizoCon website, and preview the event <>
Event sign-up is this Thursday, June 7th, and these lottery event go fast, so get in and get it booked! Details are provided on the Paizo Website, so check it out!

Prizes awarded for great play, and I guarantee, you'll love it!

Skeeter Green


  1. Skeeter Keep us Backers who are PFS GMs updated on when you can run this for us! Once again thanks for this! I am hoping I can get into one of the games.

  2. I put a "4" against both the sessions running at PaizoCon and managed to get both.

    Will the sessions be similar material? Basically, would you recommend I look to swap out one of my sessions with someone else who wants to play?


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