Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where we stand: Rappan Athuk

Orcus is pleased with the show of support. However being the pig god that he is, he is hungry for more adventures to come down the well.

For those of you just joining, here is a brief update. We hit SEVERAL bonus goals and have added a lot to the base pledges. You can find a full listing of the goodies on the FAQ section.

Also we have added a subscription for 6 more levels throughout the year to any pledge. For the subscription numbers we are at 239. When we hit 250 or more the book of additional levels will be a hardcover book.

We have offered some products for you to add onto your pledge at special kickstarter prices only such as Tome of Horrors (S&W), The Slumbering Tsar (PF), The Black Monastery (Either Version).

We still have dice bags left. Add $10 to your pledge. First 200 who do receive the exclusive FGG lotus dice bag.

We are only 160 more from 1000 backers which will allow for the $20 pledge and up to receive a set of dice, so keep spreading the word. We have only 2 days left!

Papa Frog and Blonde Frog continue to speak with stores and distributors about backing the project so we can win that title back.  But every dollar and backer helps. We have commissioned an artist to work on some artwork involving aliens and frogs. The question remains, what will the artwork reveal? In just a few days you'll have your answer. So keep spreading the word and getting your friends involved.


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