Saturday, January 19, 2013

2nd Bonus Goal Reached!

We will now publish the player's guide as a hardcover book. All the pledges that include the book (as well as the pledges that have added the book as an add on) will now receive a hardcover instead of a softcover. 

Keep spreading the word so we can reach the next goal! Thank you!

At $85,000 we will publish the Heart of the Razor as a hardcover book.

You can add on a print version of Heart of the Razor for $40 to any pledge. You can add on a PDF only to any pledge for $20. Note: All Frog God Games print products come with a PDF.
Join us Sunday 1/20/13 at 6pm PST for an interview by Chronicles Pathfinder Podcast with Lou Agresta, Nick Logue, and Greg Vaughan live on Google+ Hangout. 

These unedited, talk-show style shows will feature industry & listener guest appearances, gaming news and current events. Add Mike Azzolino to your Google+ friends to join the hangout.

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