Sunday, January 6, 2013

Razor Coast Sneak Peek #5

B-10. The Kiss of Dajobas
(CR varies)

In this chamber, Dalang Jalamar administers his deity’s razor-kissed blessing to captives taken by his Razortooth Raiders.

A ledge along the west wall of this chamber juts like a platform eastward to the center of the water and stands just above the waterline. Rusted iron cages hang from the ceiling by chains. The water slaps the stone, black as midnight, and renders the depth of the pool indeterminate. 

Jalamar’s minions bring unfortunates chosen for membership here and force them off the platform into the water below. Jalamar then enters [SPOILER REDACTED] deep below the water line. He violently mauls the victims, leaving them barely alive and infected with Dajobas’ lycanthropic blessing.

Several pirates in leather and two hideous, lumbering shark-men with white pupil-less eyes gather around a terrified young fisherman. Half-starved and clad only in tattered garments, he struggles weakly as the shark-men grab him roughly under the arms and hurl him unceremoniously into the water below. The boy thrashes wildly, desperate screams ringing hollow off the pitiless stone walls.

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