Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Heart of the Razor Sneak Peek #3

Sinful Whispers

An adventure of rescue, redemption, and the ancient terrors of a forgotten age for four to six 5th level PCs
by Tom Knauss

They tell of a lonely island that bears Great Pele’s footprints. An isle seared by the Mother of Fire’s vengeance for the evil wrought on Her beloved children. Where gods smite the earth, only fools dare tread, and on the Razor ‘tis folly indeed to walk any ground She condemned.

Yet still, mortals come. Legends of a secret magic hoard, the fate of a missing whaler, and the strange tale of a lone survivor beckon to shores grown as lush and inviting as a siren’s irresistible song.

“This way,” encourages a sly whisper adrift on the wind. “Come, and I shall make you mine.”

From ruins where once Great Pele trod in wrack and wrath, the temptations of an ageless evil speak after centuries of silence. Sinful Whisper is an adventure of supernatural and psychological horror set on a mysterious island grown verdant with time. Here the PCs must overcome both their deepest fears and most base desires to combat a depravity so deep it survived the retribution of a goddess.

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