Friday, January 25, 2013

A Heartfelt Thank You From Nick

To the Deadliest Crew of Cutthroats and Buccaneers Ever to Sail the Razor - You've Got the Deepest Thanks This Scurvy Old Pirate Can Muster!

Well, well, well...this all began as a tropical fever dream, a full decade past, when I first set foot on the shores of Oahu. My life-long and crippling fear of sharks and a potent respect for volcano goddesses mingled with my piratical inclinations to give blood-soaked birth to the Razor Coast - a terrifying realm conjured from the worst, the Graveyard of the Atlantic and the Fires of the Pacific, had to offer, with my own special brand of deranged folly thrown in.

This has been a long-chased dream, and sometimes a soul-rending nightmare. The Razor Coast almost killed me, quite literally. During my time at East 15 Acting Conservatoire I worked a rough 90-hour-a-week day job. It destroyed me. At night, this sinister side project waited like a creeping terror in my home, just waiting to dig its talons into my heart. I spiraled into financial ruin, alcoholism and depression. I thought I was beyond hope.

Today you proved that a community of good souls, of true heroes can bring a man back from the brink and raise him up to breathe fresh air again. Today, you backers, breathed life into a long lost and wayward mega-campaign. But this is not all. You have also brought me back to life.

You saved this project and you saved me. For years, Dajobas chased me in my dreams, and his empty, dead eyes held mine. I could not write anymore, for fear he would shear my fingers from my hands if I tried. Today, you brave souls have helped me turn his gaze...

Now instead of chasing me through the chum-filled waters of my nightmares, the Shark God turns his maw towards other woeful creatures. He surges through inky moon-scorned waters, a shadow on the waves, his fin carving the sea like this coast's namesake. He comes not for me. He comes for your players. And thanks to you all, those players' screams will torture the very sky itself. Thank you for setting me free. Thank you for feeding the unending hunger of Dajobas with so very many fresh souls!

You did this. You saved me, and in doing so ensured I will indeed be bending my deranged mind towards crafting more horrors soon. Together we shall unleash these horrors on your players, and they will know fear, and tremble at our hideous works.

For years I have told everyone in my life, that gamers are the best of us. You are the bravest, the most cunning and wise. You have chosen to walk many paths, live a thousand lives instead of the paltry one that most mortals choose. You are kings and wizards, heroes and murderers, wise men and fools, monsters, angels, and demons. But most of all you are men and women who embrace life as an adventure waiting to be braved. Take pride in that. You are exceptional, and I thank you for being so.

I thank you for this blessing. I thank you for fulfilling the broken promise of Sinister Adventures with your hard-earned dollars and your sheer force of will. I thank you for pulling me from the shadows back into the light. I thank you whetting the Razor so that it might slice the very arteries of our hobby and flush it with fresh blood.

An ocean of thanks would not be enough to express the joy and relief I feel, now knowing that Razor Coast will be out amongst us all. We shall adventure there together. My sword shall ever be yours. Call upon me when the darkness comes. When the maw opens. When the tentacles gather. I will answer you. We heroes must stand together against the horrors. I stand with you. Thank you all.

Most Sincerely,

Nicolas Logue

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  1. Greetings Nick! It's been an honor to help you sir! For quite a few years, you were indeed a ghost ship. But I see with the help of a few friends and Frog God, the spirits that haunted your decks have been exorcised you've set sail again. Thank you for coming back to one of the things you do best, writing ass-kicking adventures. It's great to have you back man.


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