Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heart of the Razor Sneak Peek #4

The Black Spot

An adventure of extra dimensional depravity for four to six 5th level PCs
by Gary McBride

“Gather round, lads, and listen close, or you'll have the devil to pay! There are terrors upon the sea worse than breaking waves and lashing winds. Be wary in your wandering and wayfaring that you never travel with a man who bears the black spot upon his flesh, dark as the ace of spades. The tales you’ve been told are false, lads! The black spot does not spell doom to those who bear it. It brings terror and ruin upon whoever sails with the marked…”

Explore the wreck of The Flying Fortune, a ship impaled on the exposed tip of an underwater mountain with a waterfall of gold coins spilling from her shattered hull. Unravel the mystery of her vanished crew – the bloodstains, the shredded decking. Discover a dank and gaping hole in the stone peak that pierces the Fortune. Is it a natural opening? Or a tunnel crafted by arcane engines? It leads down, that much is clear. Down inside a hollow, underwater mountain – all the way to the ocean floor.

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