Friday, January 11, 2013

Inside Look #2

It isn't all sharks, sharks, sharks in Razor Coast. Introducing, Big Bad #2 - Harthagoa, The Demon Below. Spawn of Demogorgon and a She-Kraken. Tyrant of the Empire Beneath. Unifier of the Sahuagin Horders. Bane of the Malenti. This is the kind of dude who'll just mess you up for giggles. Because with spiked tentacles, wings and a body the size of King Kong - why not?

Seriously, Razor Coast isn't all weresharks, tentacled horrors, lost civilizations on volcanic islands, twisted drugs born of vibrant tropical flowers, pirate Queens and undead cannibal pygmies. Oh no! There are sewers beneath Port Shaw. And things lurking there.

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