Monday, July 2, 2012

We Did it, THANK YOU!

We started this project out wanting to raise $25,000 which was at the time on the very steep end of print RPGs on Kickstarter. At best we were nervous. We knew we had a good product but we were unsure how the funding platform would be received.

Beyond our wildest dreams you stepped up and proved to us that there is a demand for quality books and quality adventures no matter what the platform. That first 24 hours really knocked us back. Most of us frogs were on our computers nonstop that day refreshing every few minutes. We could not believe the success we had and the pledges just kept coming in.

After hitting our first 2 goals within 2 days we realized we better up the game and really offer some items as a thank you. Many of you commented that we should stop offering so much and that we had done enough but the truth be told we wanted to continue to offer thanks in reply as the support grew.

So after 60 LONG days and 1003 backers pledging $246,541, we just have to say THANK YOU! We cannot put it into words the honor you have bestowed us. The grand support from our fans, averaging $245 a pledge, bringing in a $10,000 pledge not to mention several $5000 pledges was ground breaking.

In addition we were picked up by several distributors who are buying not only Rappan Athuk but several other products, if not carrying our entire product line. This is a huge goal we achieved because it means more of our products in your local stores.

This roller coaster was unlike anything we would have imagined. From being extremely excited those first few days because we funded to being in reach of breaking Vampires record and lastly having Traveller start up and be quick on our heels.

As for the FINAL numbers they have yet to be seen. We will add up our distributor orders, any fan add-ons, and final shipping and post the numbers for the public (probably on July 10th). Although we did not finish as the highest funded print RPG on Kickstarter per se, we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are winners to have such loyal and devoted fans as you.

If we had to finish second, to someone, we are glad it is Marc Miller. He is classy guy with a great product. It is amazing though to see our fans back a single adventure that competed so long with an entire game system.

As promised we will be doing artwork to portray a Frog shaking hands with an Alien. We are humbled at the response across the board of fans supporting the games they love and play; whether it is a small funded project or a record breaking one. We are glad to see the industry do well and look forward to producing many more adventures to quench the thirst.

In our deepest hearts we say thank you a thousand and three times. Please know that our success is truly your success. Thank you.

Our survey will be going out soon and we will attempt to get everything to you as quickly as possible.
We will be offering several add-ons for swag on the survey. Because of the high demand we will be offering additional dice and dice bags as well (please note, these items may take longer to ship). As a thank you to our fans we will offer a one-time Kickstarter discount of 10% on our entire product line of books.  

Shipping will be charged separately via PayPal along with any additional add on items. Please plan for the following shipping prices: USA backers $17 per box, Canadian backers $42 per box, and International $63 per box. Prices for small boxes for just swag will be listed on the survey. The $500 and up pledges will need more than one box, if we can fit in one we will return extra shipping charges. If you have special shipping instructions, be sure to list that on the survey.

Thank you again. Sincerely, All the Frogs!


  1. we knew you would; although for 5000 and 10000 dollars, you should offer shares in the company.

  2. btw, Eostros people are Greeks, but we like frogs.


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