Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Frogs At Paizo!

Greg Vaughan and I were invited to Paizo’s headquarters (oh that doesn’t sound nearly impressive enough, let’s call it their “secret headquarters”…there, much better). James Jacobs, Paizo’s Creative Director escorted us. Wes Schneider, the editor-in-chief gave us the skinny as he guided us around. We visited James’ office first and Greg being the professional that he is immediately started twirling circles in his chair. 

Just kidding, actually he was quite honored to reflect upon how awesome James is (then began rifling through all his things). Check out the awesome ship he has too (apparently Rob McCreary made it)!

While I distracted them, Greg poked around until he found this dog slicer. 

Greg then proceeded to nonchalantly hack away at his arch nemesis (one of many) Brandon Hodge. Bwahahahahaha!

So we learned just how awesome James really is after we spotted the limited edition Tome of Horrors Complete in his office; which of course then immediately needed to be signed!

Next we moseyed on down to Wes’ office. The art-filled wall was a stark difference from several of the other walls in the office and immediately popped out at us. Heck who doesn’t love tarot cards by an amazing artist.

Wes also has these two very cool masks on his wall. Greg than proceeded to interrogate Wes on the book selection he had on his book shelf, wanting to know what the criteria was to make the cut. I think he was just fishing to see why The Slumbering Tsar Saga wasn’t on the shelf… but I think the coloring book might end up there. You know, Greg, the one he had me sign and not you. I cannot lie, that was cool.

Moving along…. Rob McCreary, Lead Developer, showed us his cubical and collection of “minis”.

The complete D&D action figure line!!!! 

Here is Brandon admiring the painting expertise of McCreary. Please note, we were explicitly told not to touch… Brandon you are so busted!

After we finished pawing through as much stuff as we could (that we weren’t supposed to be touching) we made our way to the warehouse. Oh look a whole section of just Frog God Games stuff! We rock, we rock, (this is me doing my Eighty’s dance!)

P.S. Do you see how polite Neil Spicer is being with his hands tucked, not touching anything, and following directions. Us, not so much… huh, what do you mean I can’t take pictures of that man in the bathroom… oops. Yeah we are so not getting invited back. LOL

Then it was up the stairs to the big girl & boy floor, or so I’ve been told. No I will not reveal my sources!

We were greeted by Sully and Mike from Monster’s Inc. This houses the awards Paizo has received after being cleared out from Lisa and Vic’s house to make room for their recently acquired Tardis. 

The first office upstairs we came to was Lisa’s outstanding office. With lots of natural light and a leather couch to boot; she was stylin’. Now you didn’t think I would actually share all the pictures I took of it, did you? I will share, however, these original art pieces that have been framed to hang on the wall.

The conference room I was told really became more of the place to play games. It was filled with RPGs, board games, and the entire bound collection of Amazing Stories going back to the 1930s.

So what’s the first thing Greg does… yup opens one up and starts thumbing through this collector’s item with fingers probably still sticky from lunch. Poor Wes had to school Greg in how to handle such a rarity. Geez, I can’t take him anywhere.

Strangely we kept finding references to toads and frogs. From the Daily Tiptoad, the dead dried toad, to Saint Toad. The amphibians have infiltrated!

Brandon just had to get Greg back for the Knife incident earlier so he took Mjolnir and clocked him one.

Lastly we finished up checking out the mounds of goodies at Liz Court’s desk. That is Richard Pett and Rob conspiring to take dice bags and other items... Just kidding, or am I?

Well, it was a good thing Greg had at least one frog chaperone along to minimize the destructive damage. Although there was that time we all lost track of him for 5 minutes near Pierce Watter’s office. Hmmmm, oh well!? Thanks again Paizo for putting up with our silliness. Until next year then ~Blonde Frog


  1. This may sound geekie but: way cool!!!!! It's nice to put faces to names, or vice versa, or .. anywho thanks for sharing.

    Michel gondolin Godbout

  2. We totally thought it was cool too.



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