Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rappan Athuk Update

We are getting closer and closer to finalizing this project. Sorry we seem to be a little MIA. It truly is because we are all hard at work. The new invoice and shipping software is just about ready. We will be breaking up the long list of backers into groups and sending out your individual invoice. Please read over it carefully to make sure the survey you filled out reflects your intended order. If it is correct you can pay any additional charges and/or shipping via paypal or check. PDF only pledges will not incur additional cost.

The Sword & Wizardry version was held up after the initial set of books were sent to the printer because of errors found. We are correcting those now. However this has delayed a part of the project. Most of the other supplements have also gone to print. All of the swag has been ordered and most of it we have currently. The dice are taking much longer than expected. We will have the first order of 500 soon along with the first 200 dice bags. The additional dice bags ordered and the additional dice from the 1000 backer bonus will take weeks longer to receive. Therefore, for some of the more comprehensive pledges especially with both versions may be delayed.

The PDFs of the books will be available after the corrections are made and the invoices have been sent out. The other PDFs like the wall art, lines, and Libram Booklet will be going out shortly via Kickstarter emails.

We incorrectly stated on the Kickstarter that the Pathfinder version would be black and the S&W version red. It should have stated that Pathfinder would be maroon to match the rulebook and S&W would be black to match the rulebook.
Thank you

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