Monday, July 23, 2012

PaizoCon 2012

EARLIER THIS month we attended PaizoCon 2012. We got to see many old friends and make new ones this year. 
Of course we had a great time playing in the different events.
You could create Herolab files on site and paint your own reaper miniatures!
I got a few helpful hints from the Reaper gals (Shannon and Alison) and completed this kobold.
Thank you to the following Frogs for running adventures: Greg Vaughan, Skeeter Green, and Bill Webb. Here is Bill starting a game of Swords & Wizardry in the bar. 
But we quickly had to move to a bigger spot where we pulled in several new players only to be quickly killed off in the ground level of Rappan Athuk. 
 Skeeter messing around with Baby Frog
Come on Baby Frog, you can save us!

After Bill's game, I jumped in Nick Logue's game with Greg Vaughn and was thoroughly entertained!
Nick really was animated and comical. Here is a little video of his storytelling
We literally gamed until our players fell asleep which I think was like 4am.
The next morning at 8am Skeeter Green ran the exclusive 7B module and all but 3 players were destroyed. Those 3 narrowly escaped as they ran screaming like little girls from Rappan Athuk's tunnels.
Just walking the hallways....
And believe it or not we even got Bill to play in one of Greg's Pathfinder game - Here is the proof!
Well until next year then... ~Blonde Frog

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