Monday, May 7, 2012

We are rockin'!

We are only $33k away from the all time RPG product Kickstarter Record!!!

I am going to have to think up some other stuff for you guys for a $120k level. Spread the word and let people know about this. We could never have done this without the amazing show of loyalty to our fans. I will soon be announcing a couple of new projects that I am pretty sure will make all of you happy. We are also considering adding a few end-buy items at a discounted rate for those of you who participated in this kickstart. We can't do that until the end...but we are all ears as to what all you guys are interested in. We are raising eyebrows all over the net..proof perfect that there still is a tabletop RPG market out there.

We are beating the horses hard to get everything done this summer. I am hoping to have several new releases in Dallas (on the plane with me) and at PaizoCon. Matt is hard at work on the Cyclopean Deeps, and we ordered the cover art this morning.

Thanks again for all the support!


  1. How about a few things for the poorer folk who could only afford the $40 PDF?

  2. If you hit $120K, how about a set of pawns like what Paizo's got coming out for RotRL?


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