Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3, update

Wow...I have no idea even what to say. Here I was, at a school board meeting, and I came home and looked.

What I do know is that we need to sweeten the deal a bit at the $500 level, and that the $3k prizes need to include a copy of Reloaded. I am really hoping folks will take me up on the Convention Trip Offer. Heck; I hope someone gets 8 folks together and buys the $10k item. Please add feedback on how I could sweeten that deal.
I love meeting new gamers; and Greg is dying to make me learn how to play Pathfinder (running a SW game for 2 days is right up my alley). What if I did iconic character sheets for the 8 players and put them out where the buyer got to name the PCs? Oh, and if we hit the $80k mark, EVERYONE gets a copy of YOUR Characters as a bonus! Eternal Fame for your named PCs!

I'll update the site tomorrow on the $500 level, and possibly add a 2 books no frills level between $250 and $500 (maybe $375--2 books, 2 modules?). I also need to add a perk to the $100 level if we crack $80k, and it looks like I might have to add a $100k level.

Lots of questions on shipping. Shipping will be billed as a separate item, it can be combined with several other books (please order normally from the site--don't pay postage, and email me that you want combined shipping WHEN I send the shipping bill--not before). The reason I do this is that from a shipping standpoint, I can minimize errors by printing automated labels from paypal with your info on it (just like we are doing for Tsar). I can likely fit 3 RA's in one large box easily--or 2 RA's and a Tsar (hint, hint--we still have about 120 signed, numbered Tsar's left--and yes Tsar is related to RA).

You guys have made the frogs really happy. I am overwhelmed by the support, and reminded again of why we do this. The confidence that you all showed on first Slumbering Tsar and now this effort makes me well up. Tabletop and old school gaming is NOT dead.

I will start my Lisa-letters very soon. Matt and I both have  a few bonus levels to write, and Team Frog has a ton to do before Dallas. Thank you all!

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