Thursday, May 17, 2012

Next Bonus Close

We are about $1400 away from that elusive $80k bonus goal! Keep spreading the word.

In other news, new books are off the the printer, and may make Dallas (NTRPG) and will make PaizoCon. Hex Crawls 4 and 5, Unusual Suspects (Pathfinder only), Castle Baldemar, and a couple others may make both shows. A big shout out to Chuck and Dawn for the amazing speed in production (I am going to have to let them sleep before Rappan Athuk is in layout next month).

I just approved the Battle Mats for production, and we are well along our way to making all the deadlines for delivery of RA before Gencon! The electronic monster files (Herolab) and maps (d20 Pro) may come a bit later. I still have to update the introduction and Level 0 to get people's names on Tombstones and make sure it all flows cohesively. All the maps are done except the crossection (its just a little, which Rick is working on right now.

I just got a draft of the players guide to review, and I have outlined level 7B. Should have it written in 3 weeks or so. Matt is cranking away on Cyclopean Deeps #1, and we are giving Blond Frog a week off to spend time with her husband who is on leave from overseas (which means my posts will be fraught with typos, and updates will be less clear and less flashy:)).

A special thanks to Blond's husband and all our other military servicemen for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe at home. All of us at FGG support our troops!


  1. Good news... WE NEED THAT PRINTED PLAYER'S GUIDE! Spread the word!


  2. Thanks Papa Frog. I'll enjoy the sleep too!


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