Sunday, May 6, 2012

Almost at Second Bonus!

We are within $2,100 of the second bonus guys all. Thanks you for the fantastic support. I have asked Blond Frog to to start working on a $100k bonus goal (it can be a pretty big one). If we crack $100k, rumor has it we will surpass the record for an RPG product (not new game or whole system of course) that was set by a Vampire product! Research gathered from Geek Industrial Complex.

So..if we do break the record, I will pass some of that back to you guys. I am working on some great perk ideas for both the heavy hitters and everyone else. Keep the ideas coming! I have 3 more rooms to write on the main book is all (Level 5B), and then I will embark on the bonus level. Matt is hard at work on his first (of 3) Cyclopean Deeps modules.

In other news, Greg has delivered the new book "Unusual Suspects" for Pathfinder only.

Unusual Suspects is a compilation of 60 unique and original Non-Player Characters ready to go for your game. Each NPC entry includes a complete stat block, full history, detailed tactics, and guidelines on how to use the character in your game. With these NPCs you can drop them directly into your game for a quick random encounter, or you can use their background information and the guidance provided with each one to build them into to your campaign as ongoing adversaries or allies, or maybe both.

Included among the NPCs found in this book are beggars and bandits, street guides and wilderness guardians, a crooked watchman, a dauntless sherpa, a crazed poisoner, a bastard heir, a mutant assassin, an exiled prince, and even one of Hell’s auditors, plus much, much more. The NPCs run the gamut of Challenger Rating 1–20, with three NPCs of each CR level, so they can be used in your game regardless of where your Player Characters are in their careers. Unusual Suspects is designed for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but the NPC backgrounds and guidelines for use can be used with any fantasy roleplaying game system.

Chuck is currently finalizing layout both Pathfinder and Swords and Wizardry versions of Saturday Night Specials 2--Castle Baldemar, by Scott Casper, One Night Stands 4-Saecaroth, Hex Crawl Chronicles 4-The Shattered Empire, Hex Crawl Chronicles 5--The Pirate Coast, and one other soon to be announced module by a very famous writer (news on that soon)!

Our goal is to release all of these modules by PaizoCon, and release Rappan Athuk by Gencon.

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