Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Razor Coast Hero Lab files

The Razor Coast Hero Lab files are available now!

To purchase the files simply click here and select the ones you would like:

As for the D20Pro files, please allow some time for these to be completed as we could not more forward until now with them. I am coding them this month but with Convention Travel for Gen Con this will add an additional delay. 
~Blonde Frog

A note about the Hero Lab work:
While the Deep Cave Frogs have worked very hard to correct any errors we could find, it is possible (and expected) that some did make it through to the final version. We do have a site set-up where you can report any errors or discrepancies that you may find. You can find the bug reporting system at Please provide as much detail as possible in the error report to help us be able to re-create it and fix it. If you receive an error message pop-up in HeroLab, you can right click the error message, copy it and paste it into your ticket. This will go a long ways in helping us also.
Additional information regarding error reporting can be located at

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