Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Razor Coast Delivery Date

We have received tracking from the printers and the Razor Coast books should be here by the end of July. We have received a few questions about picking up the books at Gen Con and due to the complex orders from kickstarter we prefer to mail the pledges. Krista from fulfillment will be sending out the confirmation/invoices this month. Please look over the confirmation closely to make sure any add ons are accounted for as well as original pre-orders from Sinister Adventures (4 years ago) if applicable. If you added on products during the survey please pay the difference via paypal.

Also available at Gen Con this year will be Tome of Horrors 4 and Stoneheart Valley. Both of these books are currently taking pre-orders online. Prices will increase on August 1st. So get them at their pre-order prices while available. http://www.talesofthefroggod.com/products.html

~Blonde Frog

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