Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Paizo Con Recaps

Paizo Con was a blast. The frogs were welcomed with open arms and hugs all around. Here Greg Vaughan and Blonde Frog are hanging with some of the clan: Liz Courts, James Jacobs, Wes Schneider, Adam Daigle, Pierce Watters, Brandon Hodge, and Will Chase.
Check out some of the swag from this year's con:
Reaper Painters Alison and Erin had the painting booth set up and they helped Blonde Frog's children and mother paint their first miniatures. She even got to paint one, the Vampire Succubus. 
Speaking of BF's children, they got to play in their first ever RPG. Christina Stiles ran Fairy Tales for them and a few other industry children. 
Lil Frog (Jillian) GM'd her first game at a convention. She had 6 players. Got a TPK. Players made it all the way to the boss at the end. Six failed saves. Then the evil dead killed them all. Watch Video Here: Part 1, Part 2.
Blonde Frog played in Greg Vaughan's River into Darkness which spanned two days.
Some of you might be asking, what about Skeeter. Well he ate some bad fish and was out of commission most of Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately he had to cancel his Rappan Athuk games because of this.

Bill Webb did run several games including some pick up games that had as many as 18 people.

The banquet was full of laughs and sneak peeks. Blonde Frog got a chance to demo the new Pathfinder Card Game.
And what's a con without a delve! Although all player's (Brandon Hodge, Tim Nightengale, Blonde Frog, and Jeff Lee) survived James Jacobs attempts to destroy us. 
This is what Tim had to say about the photo "HA! That was when James plopped down 4 shadows, and they all attacked Valeros/me. Because he KNOWS how fond I am of shadow creatures..... but, I was saved by the bell! VALEROS LIVED!"
James replied "HA! Saved indeed! There was a 4d6 Strength damage attack headed your way!"
And Last but not least, we were able to show off the proofs of Razor Coast. Yes the book in the flesh!


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