Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SW KS Update

So I was hoping to be able to report the ship date of the rulebook today since they are all sitting at the printer. However, sadly, I need to report that we once again need to delay delivery. There were some missing images found on the PDF (thank you Steven Dolges) so we have decided to reprint those pages and fix the rulebook. This will delay the delivery until at least January. Therefore, we will also delay the invoice statements. We don't want to send them out before the holidays only to have the book take another few weeks. We hope you understand. We pride ourselves in a quality book and want to make this right.

As for the Kobold pledges only, we will be sending your statements and dice orders since there is no need to wait for the rulebook. All the other pledges have a rulebook and will be sent in January.
We apologize for any inconvenience and are equally disappointed that we did not get this book in your hands by the Holiday.

In the meanwhile, below is the cover art of the monster book, Monstrosities. We are looking at over 500 monsters in this bad boy!
~Blonde Frog

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  1. Well, I was unemployed when the Kickstarter was going on, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting a print copy of Complete when it's available.


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