Sunday, December 9, 2012

Razor Coast Sneak Peek #1

From Nick Logue

The first chapter details the campaigns' main villains and their dread agendas (most of which involve awful things for the people living within hundreds of leagues of them) and also gives detailed info on the three major potential story arcs for each. Later chapters include “Inciting Incidents" and basically supplies the GM with a bunch of tiny teaser encounters that draw the party into the main plot arcs or subplots connecting to them. There is no linear plot. The PCs have a bunch of encounters in their face, and they can get involved with the adventures behind them in ANY way they want. The adventure part of this builds to a climax, but the PCs actions could completely avert it, or make it even worse for everyone. It's all about hard choices and conflicts you need more than just a sturdy sword or fiery spell to overcome. Though those will definitely help when you are staring down the bastard spawn of demon and kraken. ;-)

Razor Coast Kickstarter is live 

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