Saturday, December 1, 2012

Status Update

Just wanted to update everyone on printing status. As you can imagine, we have been having holiday issues and some delays—greatly sorry for the delay, but both of our printers have been a bit backlogged, and we have had a few issues getting the art in as well. I wanted to let everyone know that the SW rulebook is printing and should ship to me next week (about 15 days to arrive to me), and the SW monster book is in the final throes of layout. The SNS 3-4 books had some errors at the printer, but I understand that they shipped to me Friday (usually takes 4-5 days to arrive). Northland Saga 5 should be here Monday (also had print delays).
Funny, this time we got the dice fastJ. All the rest of the SW materials are here at the warehouse, and we will start shipping SW orders out soon. Invoices will be sent out soon for shipping etc. We also are going to start including shipping in the Kickstarters to avoid invoices next time.
The Rappan Athuk subscription has had all 6 levels drafted and maps are in for the artist—I should have the first installment ready to go to you by the end of January. Cyclopean Deeps should release in alternate months (starting in February).
Thanks for bearing with us—FGG is fully committed to providing you all with the highest quality materials for your Swords and Wizardry and Pathfinder Games and would rather deliver late than sub-par.  

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