Friday, September 7, 2012

Rappan Athuk meets D20 Pro

We have been working with the D20 Pro guys to get the mats converted for use. While we are still a little ways away from having the files all ready, we are getting closer. The frogs will be testing the platform and maps this month. In the meantime, here is a preview of things to come:

=Judge view of world map=

=Player view of world map=

=Player view entering dungeon=

=Bannor's attacks=

=DM view of exploration, green Regions are revealed to the player=

=Player exploration=


  1. Looks really good on here.
    It's god awful when playing it, the fog of war is botched, the maps don't align right either

  2. I bought this package and the fog of war is nowhere near as exact as shown above. It is off 95% of the time and not properly to scale. It was not worth the $120 I spent on it. I could have done a better job myself to create this. This was obviously done hastily and the creators of this package obviously didn't care.

  3. Hi guys, Skeeter Green from Frog God Games. I'm not sure what happened to the maps, but if there is a problem with them, please contact D20 Pro directly ( and they should be able to help you out, with the maps, or with some kind of solution. they have been selling these maps for approx. 4 years, and this is the first we have heard about any issue. Please let them know if something is wrong :-)

  4. Way to pass the buck skeetyrbug. I contacted the D20Pro the day after you posted and no response as of yet. As an advocate for your own product, I would suggest you make contact with them from your end to protect your company's image and the prevent and further negative reviews. Even though it is a D20Pro product, it still carries the Frog God Games logo and is found in the Frog God Games section of D20Pro.


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