Tuesday, September 4, 2012

70K Achieved, only hours left to go!

Goal Met $70,000!
All pledges $90 and more will receive a PDF of the Matt's handwritten notes. AND we will also add 5 NPC cards to each of the Dungeon Encounter Decks (including the printed decks). 

Final Goal: $75,000 - CAN WE DO IT??

If we reach this goal, we have truly established Swords & Wizardry as a contender in the mainstream RPG world.

For everyone getting a pdf or a printed Encounter Deck, we'll increase the deck size to 52 cards per set (they are currently set at the 36-40 range depending upon manufacturers).

As an additional resource, for those who like visual aids at the game table, we will create a deck of "What You See Cards". This deck has pictures of monsters from the monster book, so you can show the players what they see without holding up the book and trying to cover the rest of the page. The PDF of the cards will be free to pledges $48 or more. The actual print card decks will be available to all levels as a $10 add on.

Keep spreading the word and getting your friends and players to pledge for the rulebook. They will definitely get their money out of it!

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