Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Frog God's Post

Welcome everyone to the first annual Swords and Wizardry appreciation day! Its great to see so many gaming enthusiasts embracing the style of play that Gary Gygax invented, and Matt Finch helped restore to the gaming community. We at Frog God Games have been lucky enough to be one of the companies to help bring the old school game back to mainstream. The success of our products are only due to you, the Grognard Gamer, who has supported us in reimagining the days of yesteryear, when men and magic fought outdoor and wilderness encounters. All those little brown books that are falling apart of preciously nested on bookshelves in plastic, too valuable for everyday use, can now be retired from play (although I still frequently use my "play copies"), and new books can take their place at the table. Returned are the days of dungeon crawling, gaining experience from gold, and save or die.

We want to thank all the other OSR publishers, miniature makers and others who have embraced the roll of the dice rather than the clicking of keyboards and mice.

We were overwhelmed by the support from the hundred plus bloggers who offered to help with this, so overwhelmed in fact that we decided to offer (for a limited time only) a 25% discount off our Swords and Wizardry line. Now is a great time to pick up those missing pieces in your Frog God Games collection while supplies last (and we are running quite low on some titles). Thank you again for the outstanding support of Swords and Wizardry, and for the OSR community as a whole.

We hope to see you all in Dallas at North Texas RPG Con so we can raise a glass, roll some dice, and party like its 1975! And remember, "Go back to the tormenter, or through the arch, and the second great hall you'll discover".

Hope to see you at my table soon!

Bill Webb
14 April 2013

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