Sunday, March 3, 2013

SW Kickstarter Packing

 Papa Frog is working on packing a huge order!
 Here it is with all the final add ons. Wow, what an order!
 Grumpy Frog packing the piles
 Blonde Frog prepping the books for packing
Nuclear Frog working with Walker Frog to prep for all the boxes and books
 This is what didn't fit in the three vehicles for the first run to the post office.


  1. I would guess the big one is Dragnmoon's order...

  2. Ay Dios mio... I didn't count with this by the time I decided to do my own crowdfunding... and I don't have a van! :P

  3. And today two boxes arrived here in Sweden. Frog God Goodness!


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