Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spoof: Frog God Games In the news...

FROG GOD GAMES needs to step up measures to combat child labor in the frog pond, according to a study requested by the Frog Fair Labor Association that found “numerous” violations of its internal work rules.

"The maker of Rappan Athuk and The Slumbering Tsar Saga needs to improve internal monitoring to fight the practice of child labor as baby frogs were found to be working for long hours", the FFLA said in a report. "Some of the children were forced to work without being fully clothed."

About 46 percent of the Baby Frogs were involved in packing boxes, folding posters, bagging dice, and more.

President and CEO Bill Webb refutes, "Tsathogga has spoken, all frogs to work, no exceptions."

Blonde Frog, VP of Sales & Marketing nervous of talking with the press admits "The hours are long, the orders were just coming and coming, we couldn't keep up. I was forced to put my own two toddlers to work bagging dice."

What will this mean for the giant 3rd party publisher? Will they be forced to raise labor costs to ensure that fair labor laws are being met? Will they be able to fulfill the Swords & Wizardry orders without the use of child labor?

"Child labor is a more persistent problem than anybody believed,” FFLA President said. “What we’re talking about is changing the way companies in the industry do business, and Frog God Games has yet to come on board with the times."


  1. haha! That is awesome! At least they are well I want steak.

  2. The Wiley, western Azmyth says,


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