Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20, 2012

Slumbering Tsar News! Only 11 days left... 

I will send a separate email to bill for shipping. I am likely shipping priority large box. I want to see if 2 will fit in the box before I ship, or if its 1/box. This REALLY matters for overseas customers.
Basically I will send an email to all subscribers and put a shipping bill button up--I will ship the book as soon as shipping is paid. I am going to wrap the hell out of these things so there is no chance of damage, as you can imagine, I am not overprinting very many due to the individual unit cost.
Chuck has it done through book 6 (just got off the phone). Should go to press April 5 or so--and will ship late May.

PS--more news soon on NS4,5, and 6,  a couple new ONS and SNS (including the long awaited Castle Baldemore) and other stuff. Tsar is a full time job right now!

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