Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011

Yeah!!! Tome of Horrors is up and out in pdf format at all sales locations!!! We apologize for the technical issues associated with the huge files, but I believe they are all resolved now. Books are at the printer, and I expect a test copy late next week. Then they truck ship (that's right) to me, and I mail to all of you. I am buying a back brace soon!

Tsar 9 is still delayed (printer went to Gencon), but I understand I will receive Tsar 9, Spire of Iron and Crystal (ONS 3), Splinters 9-10, Hollow Mountain (ONS 2) and Hex Crawls 3 next week. These will go on sale as soon as I get them. Next up is the free download lair supplement for Tome, the Ultimate Book of Adventure Design (UBAD--don't miss out on this one) and Northlands 2, along with a couple new Saturday Night Specials releases, Saercoth (SNS 2). Black Monastery is just about ready to start layout, but we are resting Chuck for a few days to allow his carpel tunnel to repair itself following the heroic effort on Tome. As a side note--I am stitch binding all of our hardcovers from here on out, so prices will have to go up a bit (its >$3/unit added costs to do this). That being said, your books should last a lifetime that way.

Greg is at Gencon, if you are there, stop and say hello...he wil be at the Paizo booth most of the show. Paizo, Drive Thru RPG and the OSR (Joe Browning) booths all have FGG books for sale as well at the show. I think Joe even has SW versions of pre-release copies of ONS 2-3 and Splinters 9-10.
Thank you all again for being the game's greatest fans. We appreciate the support you give us, and the nice emails and reviews we have been getting on our products. None of us does this for the money, so the feedback and praise means a lot and keeps us going.

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