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December 2010

December 28, 2010
Well, I ran out of softcover rulebooks, but am told more will ship to me Friday. Hardcovers should arrive around January 7, along with Strange Bedfellows and Ursined, Sealed and Delivered. Don't miss these releases; both are solid books--Bedfellows makes a great level 1-3 adventure as a starter for S&W, and Ursined is one of the best short adventures I have read in many years. I love a situation-based, physical hazrad module that makes you have to think--great stuff. Thank all of you who have not received your books yet for your patience. I shipped another 75 or so this morning (all but 14 softcover orders have been shipped). Still have another 120 or so to ship, mostly the printer-delayed hardcover. Keep the faith (and I mean Splinters of!) Tsar 6 is still being edited. Its huge, and I have to beat Greg a bit harder. Next up are Jungle Ruins, Northland Saga Book 1, Hex Crawl Classics Book 1 and the Ultimate Book of Adventure Design. The UBAD (as we call it) is a 225 page+ resource book for gaming on the fly or pre-planning adventures. If you are old enough to remember the 1e DMG, you will remember with fondness the tables in the back that detailed how to write and populate a dungeon. This book takes it further, in that it provides literally thousands of items, locations and features for the DM to use during play. Want a fountain in a room? No problem...roll 1d100, and the fountain is described (is it magical, non-magical, secret passage underneath, what does it look like etc.). This brings to adventure design what the Mother of All Treasure Tables and Mother of All Encounter tables did for players in years past.
Don't forget to pick up those old Necromancer books from my Ebay store. Mention this posting and get 40% off retail price at my store when you combine with a FGG order! The store address is Its a great time to pick up those rare K series releases, or a hard to find copy of the Rob Kuntz M series, a Grimtooth's Traps or a ever rising in value City State or Necropolis. The M series and Grimtooths are not available in pdf for sale anywhere. To order and get the discount, you MUST email me directly at If you order direct from Ebay, I cannot discount the items.
Thank you all again for the faith and loyalty.

December 17, 2010
I shipped about 100 softcovers today. the printer called and let me know he was not happy with the binding material for the hardcovers, so we are not going to make Christmas...but be patient, I want to make sure you get a book you will still have in 30 years. Splinters of faith should arrive to me on Monday, and Ursined and Bedfellows have been edited and will be for sale very soon. Thanks to all of you, I actually ran out of shipping boxes and tape--so I placed an order for them to Fed X me the stuff by Monday. You guys are the best fans ever, Matt and I are considering a second hardcover run (non-limited edition). I'll see how it goes after we ship the balance of the books and what level of demand we anticipate. Basically, the response was so overwhelming, I am struggling to keep up. That's the best problem to have in this economy. Tsar 7 is nearly finished (whipping Greg), and should go to Chuck soon for layout. Honestly, except for shipping books, I doubt most of us will do much other than drink wine and eat turkey for the next 2 weeks, so be patient with us.

December 11, 2010
The harcover rulebook is sold out--if you did not send me an email earlier, or did not get it this day, I think its gone. Because the server exploded from excessive downloading this morning (thank all of you...I love you guys for that:)) , I do not have an exact count. ts over 90 and less than 110 sold in rough numbers, so I may be issuing a few refunds, or I may have a few loose copies for sale tomorrow. Shipping will be billed via email to each of you that got one. Sorry for all the hassle, we have not had to deal with a 70 meg file being downloaded by 200 people all at once before!
I still have copies (few) of the first printing of the softcover, so get them while they are hot!

December 7, 2010
Ok, a spot O' good news...the softcovers arrived today, along with Tsar 6, which means the hardcovers are en-route to Texas and Matt. I may be able to get the hardcovers out for Christmas. For sale buttons for Tsar 6 softcover and Swords and Wizardry hardcovers, along with cover previews for One Night Stands, Saturday Night Specials, Hex Crawl Classics (and a color map of the first area!), and The Northland Saga should appear tomorrow or Friday.

I can ship softcover rulebooks right away. Hardcovers require the "triple shipping" so may take a couple extra weeks. That being said, I anticipate them all selling in a day or so. Remember, ther are only 100 of them ever.

A poinmt on that. For our overseas customers, I apologize in advance, but shipping the hardcover is $46.00. I simply cannot ship them in an envelope--it has to be in a box. I could not replace a damaged copy if they are all gone. That being said, I will hold a sold copy for you until you can justify the international box (up to 11 additional books will fit). I am going to wrap these heavily in bubbles, to ensure quality delivery condition.

I am currently reviewing layout for Bedfellows, and Chuck is laying out Ursined, Sealed and Delivered this evening!

December 6, 2010
Sorry for the long delay in posting news, but the old frog had surgery on his not-20-year-old-anymore football injured shoulder, and I have ben a bit under the weather. I am recovering fine, and we are back in business.

Happy Pearl Harbor Day all! Please remember your veterans today, and remember to thank them all for their service.

In gaming news, the hardcover is done and being mailed to Matt. The softcover rulebook and Tsar 6 are printed, and Splinters 3-4 are at the printer. Final review copies of Bedfellows are awaiting my proofing on our FTP site, and should be off to the printer this week. I'll update the rest soon.
I just got done reading the second book in the Hex Crawl Classics series, and maps and art have been ordered. Great stuff coming, and I apologize for the delays, but us little guys get stalled out when one of us has a real life thing happen.

I will be posting for sale buttons for the Complete Rulebook within 48 hours. Keep your eyes peeled!

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