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September 2010

September 30, 2010
Ok; several updates. Tsar 5 is loaded and wil be posted Saturday or Sunday. I will not be able to send an email on this, as I am out of town with no internet all weekend. Fane of the Fallen is done (for PFRPG) and is in layout for S&W. Splinters of Faith 1-2 are next up in layout. All hail Chuck!
The Complete Rulebook is almost done, art is due Saturday and then its next. I am also pleased to announce two additional module series--names still in the works. One will be a series of Norse themed adventures by Ken Spencer, and the other will be hex crawls--literally hex crawls. These are by John Stater of Nod fame (, old school at its finest). These have a look and feel of the old JG stuff; but are totally portable into any campaign. Both series will be in S&W and PFRPG format of course, with a low price point and 8-10 modules. More on this soon.

In other news, by popular demand, we are going to start selling module versions of Tsar chapters as well. I am only printing a few of these--maybe 100-150. Tsar 1-5 modules are at the printer and will retail from $9.99 to $13.99 depending on size. They will be on sale in mid-October. Really these are for the collectors out there, and for those folks who want a play set to go with their limited edition hardcover or decided not to buy a hardcover. Seemed cheesy to me to do these, but I got over 30 requests, so I listened.

Lots of stuff (Strange Bedfellows, Splinters, Complete Rulebook, Fane, Tsar 6, etc.) is coming out very soon!

September 23, 2010
We are back in the shipping business thanks to advice from Jason Zavoda. Books ship today!

September 22, 2010
Updates on several fronts. First, thanks for your patience on shipping. I have invested in some bomb-proof shipping materials, that should arrive shortly. I expect to ship all back orders Monday or Tuesday next week. Next, I have in my hands (literally) the layout proof of Fane of the fallen (PFRPG version) and Matt has completed the S&W conversion, which Chuck is laying out now. Tsar 5 is also in layout, and should be ready to be posted in a week or so. The Complete S&W Rulebook is in final editing. Rowena has maybe 5 more pieces of art to complete and we will pass that book to Chuck.

Strange Bedfellows is next up, Matt will start the S&W conversion today, and the PFRPG version is ready to go thanks to Skeeter Greene! On the short book front, most of the planned ONS and SNS books are done in one version and awaiting translation into either S&W or PFRPG. Art has been ordered for all of them, and Robert has been cranking out maps. Splinters of Faith 1-4 are all done and edited, interiors done, and maps are done for 1-2. Rick will have the cover done very, very soon.
We are all on track for November releases for most of these as planned, but we have to make sure that Chuck gets some sleep too. We have picked up several writers (new and old), and I think may of you will be quite pleased when you see a few of the names. I will have many new book titles and announcements soon. One hint...does anyone like Viking adventures?

September 15, 2010
A bit of a delay will occur in shipping. Due to a few damaged books, I am changing shipping a bit. I ordered boxes and we will start shipping using these. I will have to up fees a bit (boxes are expensive), but you can rest assured you will get a better book that way. For recent orders, I expect a week or so until the boxes arrive. I will ship as soon as they do. I aplogize for the delay, but I want to make sure we maintain our quality.

September 7, 2010
Eamonvale and Demoheart arrived from the printer and will ship shortly. Greg is almost done converting Tsar 5, art came in today for it, and Fane is in layout. The Complete S&W rulebook is through editing, and we are awaiting interior art. Splinters 1 and 2, as well as Strange Bedfellows are all set to go except interiors (Rowena is burning all her candles!), and we should have all these books out in late October on schedule.

September 1, 2010
Eamonvale and Demonheart are selling well; just so folks know, there will not likely be reprints of most titles, so get them while they are hot--there are only a few more than 50 copies left of each. Art is complete for Fane, and its in layout. I plan to ship Eamonvale and Demonheart on Monday.
Lots more news in a week or two!
Fane of the Fallen

   All is not as it seems when a large scale orc raid preys upon the city of Brookmere. PCs are sent to parlay with the orcs believed to be responsible, and after many exciting battles and investigation, the characters learn of the masterminds behind the attack, a faction of murderous elves bent on the destruction of the kingdom. Can the characters penetrate the foreboding Harwood Forest and defeat the denizens of Castle Novgorod? Or will they succumb to the fallen elves and their depraved succubus goddess?
Fane of the Fallen™is a d20 adventure of epic proportions, designed to take characters from 13th-level to 18th-level. Fane of the Fallen™ introduces the Kingdom of Myrridon, a mini-campaign of grand scale, and the fallen elves, a new race of murderous beings seduced by evil.
Uncover the dark secrets of the fallen elves, and confront them and the demonic forces they consort with in dozens of unique and exciting dungeons.

Fight 17 new creatures, and discover 14 new magical items making their debut in this adventure.
Save the kingdom from evil forces and be hailed as a hero in the songs of bards for ages to come.
Retail Price: $32.99 plus shipping, softcover perfect bound (200 copies only of the first printing) and pdf, $20.99 pdf only.

In a long-buried tomb, a grave robber restores a death-cult leader to life, and his cloud of evil spreads across the land. Left behind are the broken Scepter of Faiths and a litany of shrines to restore the weapon. But the evil one and his minions wait to destroy any who try...
Temples of faith, bastions of evil

Splinters of Faith™ is a collection of 10 adventures for characters of levels 1 to 15 that can be played individually or as part of an epic campaign to restore the Scepter of Faiths. Adventure in 10 fully detailed temples such as the Shield Basilica of Muir or the dwarven city of Anvil Plunge, and conquer the nightmarish Nether Sepulcher to restore the balance of good.
Ten complete adventures for low- to high-level characters, usable separately or as a massive linked campaign.

Eighteen unique temples (10 fully detailed) ready to drop into any campaign world.
New monsters and magic items to discover, and ideas for further adventures.

Retail Price: Each adventure is $4.99 for pdf or $8.99 plus shipping for pdf and hard copy
Books 1-2/10 are up and for sale---the rest come soon
It will still be a one time only print run, but the Paizo store will have copies of the Pathfinder version. To be clear, ONE PRINT RUN EVER, just printing a more copies for direct sale through Paizo. Essentially, Paizo placed an order for the books. Once again the company that saved our game steps up.
The SW version remains gone, gone, gone, and once the Paizo store is out, so are the Pathfinder versions.
Lisa and I discussed pricing, and my understanding is that she will honor the pre-order price and the pdf copy w/ orders as well.
I cannot say enough how much these guys do for the hobby.
Just kidding on my back--I am fine. My kid broke her ankle this week; so that added to the fun. Dawn, Killa and Skeet helped a ton, thanks again all.
Direct order books are all signed by me.
Tome of Adventure Design will release for pre-order on my website on or about September 28, and a few copies of Tome SW are still for sale; buttons go up on Monday.
I will send a separate email to bill for shipping. I am likely shipping priority large box. I want to see if 2 will fit in the box before I ship, or if its 1/box. This REALLY matters for overseas customers.
Basically I will send an email to all subscribers and put a shipping bill button up--I will ship the book as soon as shipping is paid. I am going to wrap the hell out of these things so there is no chance of damage, as you can imagine, I am not overprinting very many due to the individual unit cost.
Chuck has it done through book 6 (just got off the phone). Should go to press April 5 or so--and will ship late May.

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